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I didn't really do many posts about Reading Festival and what I took with me and wore there etc so I'm being more organised this time and plan on taking plenty of photos! I've put together a post about all the important things I'm taking but I've also giving you a sneak peak at my fancy dress costumes and what I'm going to be wearing.

bestival collage 1

I've got miniature versions of all the toiletries I use, even if you take half empty full versions they are still to heavy and take up way too much room. I bought products that I already use so that when they are empty I can fill them up again to take on my next trip. I go away quite frequently so the miniatures were a good buy even though they are about the same price as some full size products. I've also packed some pain killers because you don't want to traipse across the festival site when a headache/hangover looking for some of these. Jokers' Masquerade sent me some facepaints and a wig to review which was very handy considering there is a Wildlife fancy dress theme at Bestival on Saturday. I've got enough facepaints to paint forty full faces so if you're going to Bestival and fancy some face paint send me a message on twitter I'm @Gemma_DS I will also be tweeting throughout the festival. Expect moaning about showers and love for lots of bands. I picked up the butterfly nail transfers in poundland which will fit in with my butterfly/Katy Perry wide awake video theme very well.

Make sure you check out Surfdome's festival page for loads of essentials like this inflatable mattress which is invaluable for a good night sleep.

As I have already mentioned, I'm rather lucky and off to Bestival courtesy of Echo Falls who have been very generous and sent me a festival survival pack and some rather fetching pink wellies. I'm going to be encouraged to 'Take the Moment’and enjoy spontaneous fun and new experiences (don't need to be encouraged to do this really).

bestival collage 2

I've bought myself a very pretty Crown and Glory headband for the fancy dress day and it comes with some pretty clip on butterflies. It is so well made and I'm glad I spent a few extra pounds on this because all the ones on the high street just couldn't compare.
I've got some healthy snacks packed after scoffing loads of bread and cheese at Reading, trying to behave a little bit and represent Team WAMK. The survival pack that Echo Falls and Superdrug sent was amazing and contained all the essentials like face wipes and hand gel but also contained an amazing penguin torch (I'm easily pleased)
I'm getting into that fancy dress spirit and want to go animal themed for a few days so I'm taking my new asos leopard print dress and headband that Sarah (my tent buddy for Bestival) sent me a while ago. I will also be taking denim shorts which you can wear more than once so I can save space in my bag and my new shirt which I picked up in Brighton at Beyond Retro.

Are any of you going to Bestival? Are there any essentials I need to take that are missing?

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  1. Love this kind of post, don´t know why but I love to see what other people take to their trips and that stuff, LOL.

    Looks like a crazy gig, sure you´ll have lots of fun ^^

    XX http://miramodernonosoybethditto.blogspot.com.es

    1. I like those 'what's in my handbag' type ones too :)

  2. Haha - Nurofen was the first thing I packed! I'm just about sorted now. Don't *think* I've forgotten anything...

    1. we did ok I think, I didn't have to panic buy anything :) xx

  3. Oooh have a fab time! I love the wellies, can't wait to see how you got on xxx

  4. I bet you will have such an amazing time an di'm glad the weather seem to be alright for you! I have a silly amount of facepaint ( I do kids parties occasionally) dressing up is so much fun you will make a great leopard xx

    1. I think it should be acceptable to wear a wig and face paint everyday xx

  5. Hope you all have an amazing time!


  6. i am SO JEALOUS - I'd love to go to bestival!!!
    love the headdress :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie


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