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As promised, here are some of my favourite photos of my beloved Sookie. I wanted a dog pretty much all of my life but my mum was never keen on the idea but she finally surprised my brother and I on Christmas day nearly three years ago with the best little Labrador anyone could wish for. Sookie is totally spoilt and gets more affection from me than I have ever given to a human. I'm cold and heartless, but not with puppies ;)

sookie collage

Me making Sookie pose for a photo // Sookie's first day with the family // Sookie helping me out with outfit photos // Sookie doesn't like antlers // Sookie's first birthday (yes, I got her a cake. Problem?) // Adorable // Sookie looking a bit like Dobby // Sookie in one of her many coats // Sookie generally looking pretty cool

I'm not feeling too well and need to be perked up so if you have a dog send me links to all your cute photos please.

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  1. awww i love this post. i don't have a dog, the closest i have is my boyfriends cat - although he is pretty special!

    enjoy!!! xx

  2. Cutest dog ever hun. Makes me miss my nanas dog loads.

  3. Awww so cute! Wish my dog would wear a coat - stubborn sod! :P hope you feel better soon lovely x

  4. She is adorable! The only dog we've ever had was a chocolate labrador, Monty, and I can safely say they are the very best!

  5. Sookie is absolutely adorable! A best friend for life xxx

  6. She is so lovely! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I'm not generally a dog person, but oh my gosh, that top photo of Sookie asleep in her basket! So cute xx

  8. aww she looks lovely, I have a choc lab and she is so beautiful :)

    - ordaining serendipity

  9. Sookie is adorable :) labradors are so good at cute faces, they totally know how to pull your heartstrings with just one look and use it to their advantage! I have got a 7 year old black labrador and a 1 and a half year old labradoodle.

    I have many doggie photos on my Instagram

    I will be doing a post soon about the photos I took down the beach while walkies my two daft dogs today.

  10. Loving all these pet photos guys :) making my cold much better!

  11. awww im going to have to do a post on my 2 doggies :) i have 2 jack russells called milly and lily :)

    hope you feel better soon. sookie is gorgeous :) x

  12. Your dog is gorgeous! Love yellow labradors, they've got such character haven't they?? My boyfriend used to have one called Casper, who used to pull your socks off your feets! So funny.

    I've done a little bit on my 3 dogs, you should check it out :)

    Love Becky xx

  13. Sookie is just adorable, I want to steal her!!

    Maria xxx

  14. Aww how cute is she as a puppy? Here is my favourite photo of Pepe was he was a puppy: we're dog sitting this weekend as my parents are away and I'm so excited, I miss having dogs around the house.

  15. YAY SOOKIE! Please post more pictures of her on your blog :) I'm dog obsessed too, it's well known amongst my friends that I would give more love to a puppy than a baby. You get that too, I'm sure. ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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