Christmas Gift guide for women 2012

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I posted my Chrismas gift guide for men last week but this instalment is all about gifts for the lovely ladies in your life. I always have trouble getting gifts for older members of my family, they aren't really into music or film so I can't go down that route and expensive clothes are wasted on my mum who wears a uniform of leggings and tunics. Hopefully these ideas will help you find a fun or unusual gift, routing around the Internet compiling this has definitely helped me, all my shopping is done and ready to be wrapped!

Click here for 2012’s top Christmas gift ideas.

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1.The hamper is from John Lewis and I know my nan would love to open this on Christmas day. My nan is quite thrifty and doesn't treat herself often so this indulgent hamper full of delicious food would be a real treat. This would also be a great gift if you spend Christmas with the in-laws and want to contribute to all the food they lay on.

2.I love this Punky Pins necklace and it would make a great present for a friend or stocking filler for a younger sister. It's festive, affordable and quirky.

3. Why not give a scrapbook as a present? This blank one is from Paperchase but you could buy a really inexpensive pad and design your own cover. I once gave my friend a scrapbook for her 18th birthday and filled in the first few pages, she loved the unique gift and it didn't cost much at all.
4. Got an avid reader in the family? this book journal  contains sections on 'books to read' and 'favourite extracts' as well as a section devoted to keeping track of books you lend to others.

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5. This Lancome gift set is sold in all the big department stores and it's great value. You get the set for the same price as a mascara on its own. I receive this every year from my mum and my mini eyeliner is still going strong 11 months on. Lancome mascara really is the best out there in my opinion and this set makes an impressive gift for under £30.

6. Live away at uni or moved away for a job? If you don't get to see your mum/sister/friends from home very often you could buy a gift voucher for afternoon tea which ensures you spend some quality time together and can have a good catch up. If you live in South Wales or the West I recommend this place.
7. This lovely Vivienne Westwood brooch from Van Mildert is a (relatively) inexpensive way to give a designer gift. It's £44, I normally spend a little more than that on all my mums gifts but this would make a great 'main present'. I know all my friends would love this too, you could suggest that a few friends chip in together to splash out on a fancy gift like this. If you're feeling flush you could get the earrings too.

8. I love this phone cover and if I had a fancy phone I would be getting one. You can make a phone cover with all your favourite instagram photos printed on it.Would be great to make a collage of all the nights out you have been on with your mates or put some festival photos on there.

Just realised, all this gifts are very 'me', hope my mum or brother read this post ;)

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  1. Some lovely choices here, I particularly like the scrapbook idea!

    Maria xxx

  2. Buying an afternoon tea voucher is such a sweet idea, that's definitely inspired me. I like scrapbooking too Maria but I just never would have enough time, agh <3

  3. That l'ancome set looks amazing, i am the worst person at buying presents so this may be handy :)

  4. Scrapbook is a great idea :) X

  5. Oooh I'm liking the scrapbook idea too! I once received a box decorated with photographs and messages which was full of nice wee gifts and memories. Was such a lovely idea and I'm determined to do the same for one of my friends now as well. Kind of similar! Great post :-) might hint about that book journal!xx

  6. The Vivienne Westwood brooch is lovely and would make the perfect gift for Mum! I love the book journal too xxx


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