Favourite Outfits of 2012

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I wanted to create this post to see if my style has changed much this year, it really hasn't. I'm still drawn to dresses and quite feminine shapes. I'de like to think I take more risks though and I don't think I would have worn a hat like the one I wore in October or a leather skirt pre-blogging. I'm going to reflect more on my 2012 and all the things I have been lucky enough to experience this year in my next post. Here are my favourite looks from 2012:

jan, feb, march 2012 outfits

January, February, March
april, may, june 2012 outfits
April, May, June
july, august, september 2012 outfits
July, August, September
oct, nov, dec 2012 oufits
October, November, December

I'm quite fond of June, what about you? I have good memories of wearing that dress over the jubilee weekend. I get quite attached to dresses and associate them with events, songs and situations. The October dress will always be the dress I met Arthur Darvill in and the April dress will always remind me of Marina and the Diamonds - Bubblegum Bitch.

What have been your favourite looks this year? Would love to see some of them so leave me some links below.

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  1. You've got so many lovely dresses Gemma! My style is quite similar, I tend to stick to dresses and quite feminine shapes but also mix things up a little more with accessories/jackets etc that I don't think I would have done so much before I started blogging. I love seeing these year in style posts!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

    1. Thanks! Reading other blogs gives me so much inspiration to try out new things x

  2. Love the March dress and the August playsuit. These pictures also show how hard you've worked at your weight loss :) xx

    1. Thanks, managed to reverse a bit of that hard work over the festive period though ;)

  3. my favourites are august and september, but you look great in all of them :) glad to see your style is consistent too :) x


  4. your april outfit is my favourite. that dress is just too good! all your summery outfits are fab too, check out your lovely legs in the august one swit swoo! xx

  5. Wow Gemma look at you hot stuff! You look fricking amazing! And all your pretty clothes too! I love October and November dresses so if you ever need to get rid of them you know where I am ;)

  6. The April dress is my ultimate favourite - you rock chic! Such a splendid year of fashion - I always attach memories to clothes too. I think it's really special to remember what you wore for a certain event etc xxx

  7. So pretty Gem,I love your April dress os much :] xxx

  8. I love aprils dress you look amazing and so rock chick!!

  9. Love September, you pull off the leather skirt so well! And there's nowt wrong with being drawn to mainly dresses - cheaper than trousers and a top, I'd go with dresses anyday!


  10. I love your April, August and December the most! lovely jubbly ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. I think I like June best as well! xxx


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