Winter Boots

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It's soooooooooo cold! I know you're probably fed up up of people making this statement. I wake up to it on twitter everyday and I've seen more than a few frosty photos on instagram but us Brits do love to talk about the weather. If staying indoors in the warm in my pjs was an option I would do it but I have to go out to work to fund my expensive shopping habits.

The recent cold snap has taught me two things:

1. My dog looks cute in a coat (photo evidence)

2. Ballet pumps are not appropriate footwear when there is ice in the mornings and you will slip flat on your backside at the station in front of your commuter crush (true story)

It's not enough to just put on some thick tights and hope for the best, my feet are practically blue by the time I get to work so I'm on the hunt for some sensible boots that will keep my feet warm and help me to avoid any further bruises to my ego.

I've picked a selection of my favourite sensible but stylish winter boots from Clarks:

First up are these lovely lined boots, don't they look nice and warm? I love the buckles which gives them a bit of a rock edge and the heel looks super sturdy. I think a lining would make a huge difference and help to keep my toes nice and warm.

My second pick are a a lot like boots I already have but they are made from real leather so they would last all year. I would probably wear these with some of my favourite frilly or glittery socks poking out of the top for extra warmth or just with tights in the Spring. 

These classic knee high boots from Clarks are pretty timeless. They have a riding boot feel and I think they would look great with my Barbour jacket if I want to create a bit of a country look. They are real leather so they would last for ages and would look amazing once they had been worn in and battered a bit. Definitely boots you could bring out each Winter.
These aren't practical but I need them because they are leopard print. They also have softwear cushioning and sensible mid heel so I could dance all night in these, amazing.
Are you braving the cold in pumps or do you have more practical shoes?

*Post written in collaboration with Clarks

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  1. Sookie is ADORABLE! I love Clarks shoes, definitely one of my favourite brands!

    Maria xxx


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