Summer Holiday

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It's cold, wet and I'm trying to have a 'dry' January, all rather dull and uninspiring really. A conversation with friends on the weekend has sparked a need to visit West Wales this summer, it's nice to have something to look forward too when the start of the year is a little bleak. I'm not sure how much sun we will have, West Wales really isn't the French Riviera but I'm sure we will have fun.

We rarely get to go away together at the same time so I have started to plan our little trip in advance so everyone can book time off work and I have to admit I'm pretty excited.

We are keeping it classy (not really) and staying in a caravan. Forget the amazing holidays my parents took me on as a kid, the best fun I had was in a caravan in Wales, mad ey? I want that traditional seaside break I'm thinking beer gardens, ice cream on the beach and board games if it rains. I'm already planning the road trip CD which will be an odd mixture of show tunes, pop divas and classic indie. Getting carried away, me? Never!

caravan, friends

The caravan site I've chosen has an indoor pool so I'm looking out for cheap bikinis and swimsuits. I want something sturdy with underwire because there is a watersports centre next to the park and I fancy trying something out. Usually I prefer to sit on the side and watch while reading magazines and drinking a cocktail but I will be in West Wales with my best mates so time to get stuck in! The black is classic and would also be great for when I go swimming at home but the purple one is a tad more exciting and the bands around the middle would help to define my waist.

cheap bikini, swimwear

All these swimsuits are made by Panache and are stocked by My Curves & Me.

bank holiday, swimwear, cheap bikinis

Are you planning your summer getaway yet?

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  1. Ahh weekend in West Wales sounds perfect, I am tempted by a similar trip myself, I really fancy going to Aberystwyth!

  2. I used to love camping in West Wales as a kid! SO simple an fun!!
    Also WOW that musicals CD looks fab! xx

  3. Haha, you HAVE to buy the Doctor Who monopoly! Sounds like it's going to be a good trip :) xx


  5. Sounds like fun! I'm already planning my September holiday to Florida. Just under 8 months to go, lol. :) x

  6. I used to go on caravan holidays to Wales a lot when I was little and I really miss it now! Adore all of the swimwear :) x

  7. Beautiful. That would be a very nice and unforgettable holiday. I wish to book for cottages near aberystwyth.


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