Tuesday, 26 February 2013

X-Ray Spex

I had a lovely weekend filled with cocktails, dancing, hangover breakfast at Cafe 37 (best ever) and planning my playlist for the My Mad Fat Diary inspired 90s party I'm having in a few weeks time. I wore a lovely new French Connection dress on the weekend but I completely forgot to take a snap so you get me in some less interesting workwear instead sorry!

I also picked up my new glasses this weekend and after after the initial shock of wearing them again after five years of avoiding them, I think I quite like them. I picked up two pairs for £125 at Specsavers which is pretty good value. I can't buy mine online because I have a pretty weird prescription and I really didn't enjoy forking out that much money on such boring items. I moaned to my mum '£125 is half a Vivienne Westwood dress, four nights out, a weekend away!!' all true but I suppose my eyesight is very important and I wont be buying anymore for at least two years.


Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Clarks c/o Spartoo
Belt:Dorothy Perkins
Glasses: Karen Millen Specsavers
Lipstick: Topshop All About Me from Sarah

I posted a photo of me in my big tortoiseshell coloured ones on instagram on the weekend but I've mainly been wearing my purple Karen Millen ones to work as they are a bit more business like and professional.


Too much time on my hands posing in my new glasses...

I need a bit of help too, my current phone has really low internal memory and its driving me insane because I have to delete things all the time and I've tried moving all my apps to the SD card. I fancy the Galaxy Samsung which I can get on www.phones4u.co.uk any one know if it's ok? I'm useless with anything technology related and usually drop my phones in a sink of running water or lose them so don't want anything too expensive. 

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Day at the races - What to Wear

Cheltenham Ladies Day is famous for the dress code of women sporting fancy hats and dresses so picking something to wear for the day can be a little daunting.

The event takes place on the 13th of March this year and we all know that the British weather can be rather unpredictable at that time of year so you need to strike the balance between standing out so you win one of the fashion awards and staying warm and dry.

Many women go for extremely dressy hats and matching outfits, think WAG gone mad but the best dressed are often understated.  What you wear really depends on what you’ll be getting involved in. If you're more interested in spending the day at Cheltenham watching the races and placing some bets then you could chose classy outfits with tweed or a smart suit, covered with warm fur coats if you don’t want to catch a cold on the day or spend the whole day shivering.

Ladbrokes have asked me to put a little outfit together for a day at the races and this is my selection:

what to wear, day at the races, fascinator

Dress: Reiss 1971 range
Bag: Accessorize
Shoes: New Look
Fascinator: Crown and Glory

I've gone for nice Spring like pastels, a modest fascinator (don't want to walk around with weird modern art type sculpture stuck on my head) a bag big enough for you purse, phone and make up and patent shoes. If you're walking around on grass all day you wont want super high heels that will get stuck in the ground and you can also wipe the mud off patent.

Have you ever been for a day at the races? What would you wear?

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

HMS Bestival - Planning Ahead

I had such an amazing time at Bestival last year so I decided to take the plunge and book tickets to go again in September. My friends and I only paying £7 a week rather than all the money upfront so I don't need to worry about  my student friends not being able to afford to come because we can all spread the cost, there is a big group of us going and even though it's months away I'm already excited and have started to make preparations. Me, too keen? Never!

Every year on Sunday the festival has a fancy dress theme, last year was wildlife but this year the theme is H.M.S Bestival and I can't wait to get stuck in putting my outfit together.


While searching for nautical themed dresses I came across this Hell Bunny one on Amazon and Ebay a few times. It's super cute, affordable and fits with the theme so I'm pretty sure this will be my dress for Sunday unless my and my friends decide to think more out of the box with out fancy dress ideas and get the papier-mâché out.

My experiences at Bestival last year taught me a few things, one of them being that the sleeping bag you used for sleepovers when you were a teenager will not keep you warm in a tent on the Isle of Wight... I was freezing cold all night and had to buy a duvet there. I've now got my eye on this cosy Blacks sleeping bag that will keep me warm and will zip up around my face so my arms don't get cold, perfect! I'm also on the lookout for a snazzy tent so if you have seen any please let me know where I can get one from. I'm not the kind of girl to have a green tent, I'm thinking floral or polka dot!

Another thing I found out is that you may have glorious sunshine for three days but the heavens will open at some point so you better take some sensible footwear to be safe and I'm loving these blue wellies (good for the nautical theme) which are only £15.

Most importantly I discovered that you wont see all the bands you want. Pick a few essentials that you don't want to miss but for the most part just go with the flow, discover new things and it's not all about the music. I will be happy if I see M.I.A, Bastille and Peace this year and want to get everyone together to watch Elton John. Elton might not be everyones cup of tea but you have to admit he's got a pretty amazing back catalogue.

Have you started making plans for summer yet?

For more of my posts about festivals check out:



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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Femme Fatale

This outfit was supposed to look a little Edie Sedgwick but I'm not too sure. It has a 60s vibe but I feel like something is missing, maybe a beehive? This coat has been reduced even more in the sale now so if you're an XS you can snap it up for a bargain. I was worried that I wouldn't get much wear from a coat with a print but I've worn this pretty much every day since I bought it. It definitely makes me feel a bit rock and roll.


You can see all the bits separately here:
mango coat, peter pan collar

Coat: Mango
Dress: M&S
Shoes: flat shoes Clarks c/o Spartoo

I went to see the NME Tour on Sunday and I wanted to share my thoughts on it a little. I think I've been to the tour every year since 2004 and I was a little underwhelmed this year. Maybe I'm too old now, not interested enough in new music or maybe the bands were just a bit pants but I didn't love the tour as much as I usually do.The opening band Peace were great and have a 90s vibe which I love and the front man has a leopard print coat like me so what's not to love? Palma Violets tried to have this dual vocalist thing going on and it just came across like poor man's Pete and Carl and Django Django bored me to tears. The only act that I thoroughly enjoyed that evening was Miles Kane and his amazing band. Most of the (male) crowd were there to see him play and his closing song 'Come Closer' brought the house down with people shouting for more and booing when he said he only had one song left. For me the tour would have been better if Miles was headlining. I am now also a little in love with a guy in his band (he's from Sheffield and has a quiff, perfect)...


Miles, swoon.

Having a few nights in this week and a fairly quiet weekend so look out for lots of posts over the next week on here and Where Are My Knees?

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Monochrome trend

My recent monochrome outfit post got me a little inspired to seek out what else the high street has on offer this Spring in black and white. There was so much to chose from and this is also a trend you could recreate with things you already because we all have a black skirt or pair of jeans we would team up with a white blouse so no need to blow the budget on this one.
monochrome 1

My first monochrome pick is a bargain dress from boohoo.com, it's only £20 and I've got a feeling this will be making it's way to my house on payday and worn on a night out with a splash of red lippy providing the only colour in my outfit. The blouse is super pretty and girly and I found it on City Goddess a wholesale site I've not come across before. The t-shirt is from one of my all time favourite brands, Orphan's Arms which you can get via ASOS, most of their t-shirts come in black and white so it's a great place to pick up an unusual top to fit in with this trend.

monochrome 2

I love these cool Nike hi tops from JD Sports, you can get them in all sorts of colours but these black and white ones are pretty slick. Really tempted by the purple ones too but think I'm a bit old to pull them off, what do you think?
Accessories are a cheap way of getting involved in a trend, the phone case if from Topshop and the bag is a total bargain at £8 from Peacocks.

I would love to see any of your outfit posts rocking this trend so leave me some links. Hoping to have a lazy Sunday reading blogs.

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Cruel Britannia

I've had a rather busy but very lovely week so far which I've spent with all my favourite people. Not even the hangover from hell yesterday could put me in a bad mood. This is what I wore to work on Tuesday, I forgot all about this dress and it felt quite girly and Spring like. It also makes a nice change for me not to be wearing all black.


Dress: Monsoon
Cardigan:New Look
Necklace: River Island
Ring: Daisy
Shoes: flat shoes Clarks c/o Spartoo

I had pancakes at my friends house on Tuesday which meant that I didn't have to make them, my batter is always lumpy and my pancakes stick to the pan so I was happy to leave flipping duty to Harri. I ate a few too many covered in nutella but I only have them once a year so it seemed a shame not to over indulge.

burger, chapman family, panackes daisy ring

I've been wearing my new Daisy non stop since it arrived, its so dainty and I'm going to get a few more and stack them up. I used WELCOME10 to get a 10% discount on my 'G' ring.

Wednesday was also another food filled day, I took my friend Louise to Juno Lounge on Wellfield Road in Cardiff for lunch and we both had very tasty burgers. I had chicken but was a little jealous when the salmon and crayfish one came out for Louise, it looked amazing. We hit all the charity shops for a good rummage on Albany Road (my favourite place to bargain hunt). Food and shopping are probably the best combination ever.We headed to Clwb Ifor Bach in the evening to see The Chapman Family, an amazing band from the North East (obviously, its where all the best bands are from) and they blew me away. You can download their new single for free here. It definitely felt like they should be playing to a much bigger crowd and I hope I catch them again at some festivals this summer.

Bit of a busy weekend to look forward to now, off to a Welsh Labour conference tomorrow and then going to see the NME Tour on Sunday night, really excited about seeing Peace and Miles Kane!

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lonely Hearts Club

Valentines Day. I'm not a fan and I can't escape it. You get bombarded with images of cupid, loved-up couples and it makes me feel a little nauseous. I don't mean to be a party pooper but I find it all really annoying. Despite my feelings on Valentines Day I'm going to try and embrace it as well as I can for a singleton and this year I'm going to Take My Breath Away: Valentines karaoke with some of my best friends and I'm going to get really dressed up and have some fun. I'm even going to try and not roll my eyes when I see couples holding hands.

Here is my little selection of Valentines things to treat yourself to (even if you're a committed spinster like me):

valentines 1
I've actually bought this dress, yes another plain jersey dress from Topshop BUT they are are so easy to wear and go with everything so I'm allowed ok? I will be wearing this to karaoke on Thursday with anything red or pink that I can find in my wardrobe for an over the top Valentines look.

I love this O.P.I polish and I'm going to hit Boots and Superdrug tonight to look for a dupe to save a little money.

I'm loving Next homeware at the moment and this heart shaped light is on the way to my house ready to be hung over my bed. I already have fairy lights in my room but I don't think you can ever really have too many fairy lights.

How cute are these Agatha Ruiz de la Prada shoes? Court shoes are the perfect height for a mid week night out and the heart stitching is pretty fun too

valentines 2

I've been lusting after a Zatchels bag for ages to take to festivals and on nights out. These ones are the perfect size for some cash, lippy and your phone and are real leather so would last a lifetime.

I've got some M&S pink bubbly in ready for some pre karaoke drinks because I need some dutch courage before screaming Bonnie Tyler's - Total Eclipse of the Heart in front of strangers.

I already have a 'G' ring and star ring from Daisy and I think the heart one would make the perfect addition to my collection. These are really dainty in person and I wear my initial ring everyday.

I love this adorable jumper from Bank, the heart patches on the elbow are amazing and I would get this out for Valentines Day each year.

Whatever you're doing on Valentines day I hope you get to spend it with people you love and have a jolly good time!

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Saturday, 9 February 2013


It's been another very busy week for me, I spent the first half in Paris, took my mum shopping, had an imporptu wild night out (payed for it for the next three days, too old for that now) and I'm now enjoying a relatively calm weekend only popping out for a meal with colleagues tonight. I need a really good lie in...

Apparently monochrome is a big trend this season, I didn't know this while I was chosing this outfit but let's all pretend I did and I'm 'bang on trend' ;) I love all of these items together and I think this is going to become a favourite outfit for work and the weekend. I own a few t-shirts from Orphan's Arms now and I love the literary and historical prints that they have. I'm always checking their site for new stock and I snapped this t-shirt up as soon as it went into the sale.


Cardigan: H&M
T-Shirt: Orphan's Arms
Skirt: ASOS
Shoes - Low top trainers, Converse c/o Spartoo
Necklace: River Island

I picked up this necklace whilst shopping with my mum in the week, cute isn't it? It was from the RI budget range where you can pick up earrings for about £2. They had loads of adorable key, heart and cross things in the range so I'm popping back next week to stock up.

I've been away a lot recently and want to catch up on some blog reading so please send me some links to post you have loved recently, feeling a little out of the loop.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Paris - Marais

I posted earlier in the week about my day in Disneyland but I also spent some time in the very lovely Marias district. Le Marais is a pretty cool area of Paris known for its concentrated presence of gays, Jews and fashionable young people.  There is so much going on there from museums, parks, restaurants and lovely second hand shops that you could easily spend a whole weekend here.

The shops are open on Sunday but don't open until around 11am on weekdays so it's best to arrive in the afternoon if you want to soak up some atmosphere. I did a walking tour of the area which you can find here. It was great, easy to follow and lasts for about 2.5 hours but if you're stopping for lunch and window shopping you could drag it out all day.



Rue des Rosiers




St.Paul-St.-Louis Church, the Church is one of the oldest examples of Jesuit architecture in Paris.


Have you ever been to this area? I hoping to go again in the summer so would love any tips about the best places to eat and shop although all the felafel and cakes looked amazing.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Paris - Disneyland

If you follow me on twitter/instagram you will have already been bombarded with Paris related photos but I'm going to show you some more because Camille took some amazing photos of our trip to Disneyland and it would be shame not to share them with you. I really wish I could capture things like she does but I'm the least artistic person ever... If you're reading this, 'Hi Camille! I love these photos'


My smile is hiding the fact that I was freezing, so cold in Paris this weekend brrrrr!

My friend Julien who I stayed with for the weekend.



Big kids, 25 but I still love Mickey.




The parade celebrating 20 years of Disneyland Paris.



Mad Hatter's Tea Party


Space Mountain

I went to Disney in Florida twice as a child and have fond memories of meeting Jasmine and Ariel when I still kind of believed that it was all real. Disney doesn't quite have the same appeal when you're an adult but you know what, I'm a big kid and The Little Mermiad is one of my all time favourite films (not ashamed to admit it) and I had a lovely day. I have another post about Paris and the Marais district later on in the week to share with you so hopefully you're not bored of my Paris photos after this.

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