Femme Fatale

By Gem - 15:47:00

This outfit was supposed to look a little Edie Sedgwick but I'm not too sure. It has a 60s vibe but I feel like something is missing, maybe a beehive? This coat has been reduced even more in the sale now so if you're an XS you can snap it up for a bargain. I was worried that I wouldn't get much wear from a coat with a print but I've worn this pretty much every day since I bought it. It definitely makes me feel a bit rock and roll.


You can see all the bits separately here:
mango coat, peter pan collar

Coat: Mango
Dress: M&S
Shoes: flat shoes Clarks c/o Spartoo

I went to see the NME Tour on Sunday and I wanted to share my thoughts on it a little. I think I've been to the tour every year since 2004 and I was a little underwhelmed this year. Maybe I'm too old now, not interested enough in new music or maybe the bands were just a bit pants but I didn't love the tour as much as I usually do.The opening band Peace were great and have a 90s vibe which I love and the front man has a leopard print coat like me so what's not to love? Palma Violets tried to have this dual vocalist thing going on and it just came across like poor man's Pete and Carl and Django Django bored me to tears. The only act that I thoroughly enjoyed that evening was Miles Kane and his amazing band. Most of the (male) crowd were there to see him play and his closing song 'Come Closer' brought the house down with people shouting for more and booing when he said he only had one song left. For me the tour would have been better if Miles was headlining. I am now also a little in love with a guy in his band (he's from Sheffield and has a quiff, perfect)...


Miles, swoon.

Having a few nights in this week and a fairly quiet weekend so look out for lots of posts over the next week on here and Where Are My Knees?

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  1. haha you're definitely missing a beehive! that m&s dress is a beaut ox

    1. was such a good price and nice material too, need to look in M&S more xx

  2. Love that coat! Very rock n roll, and it'll never go out of fashion - bonus! xx

  3. Oh my - love that coat. A beehive would make the whole outfit look even more fab.

  4. Great coat i saw something similar in the new look inspire section i was tempted but i didnt know how to style it ! i need to take more fashion risks !! You look great


    1. Go for it Joanna! I thought I wouldn't wear this much but I never take it off.

  5. I love the dress & coat combo looks good on you!

  6. LOVE this outfit, my friends were at the same gig as you, I wonder if you saw them, haha!

    Maria xxx

    1. aaw really?! I only had my eyes on the boys in the bands though so probs not ;) haha

  7. you look so cool gem. Love the coat! xx

  8. This outfit is so lovely...definitely very Edie!

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  10. Leopard print + 60s is a great combo, love both the jacket and dress!
    Miles is awesome, love Django Django too though! Really enjoyed the NME lineup a couple of years ago with Chapel Club and the Joy Formidable, but haven't bothered with it since then.



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