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    I've always had a thing about casinos. I think I watch too many movies with a casino theme like Ocean's Eleven (and Twelve … and Thirteen) or Croupier with the simmering Clive Owen, plus I'm a bit of a sucker for James Bond films. 

If you're a guy, dressing for the tables is dead easy – just shove on a tuxedo and a dicky-bow. Us girls have to glam it up a little more obviously. I think it's dead strange that if you're a girlie and want to get in a few hands of cards or a few spins of the roulette wheel, you have to dress as if you're off to an exclusive dinner party – but then again as it's an excuse to dress up, I don't really mind. 

There's a sniff in fashion circles that the casino-look is coming back into fashion this summer – not that it's ever really gone out of fashion. I must hold my hand up and make a slight confession here. I'm a bit of a card sharp. I discovered online poker about four years ago, and I think I've got quite a talent for it. I only ever play for tiny stakes, and I think the most I ever lost in one session is a tenner (which is about the same as the most I've ever won in a session) – for me it's definitely the taking part, rather than the competing. Besides, it's fun and I've made a few online buddies. 

Me and a fellow player got to chatting once and we discussed what it would be like to play for real – then lo and behold a friend actually bought me an entry to a live event for my birthday! I'm not going to go all-in for casino glamour with that, but I still intend to turn a few heads, if I can. 

The key to the glamorous casino look is to keep it simple and stylish. I've a few gowns in my wardrobe that would suit, but I think I'll go for the classic LBD. The 1920s look is also a little in vogue at the moment, so I'm going to wear the pearls my grandmother left me. To round off my outfit I'm going for a simple, black clutch-bag which I'll hopefully need as a place to store all those towers of chips I'm going to win off my poor, unsuspecting opponents. 

Well, I think that's me sorted. I don't think I'll be on the winners table for my event, but I might surprise a few players when a stylish gal like me goes all in pre-flop! Wish me luck!

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