Sunny Day with Sookie

By Gem - 10:27:00

I miss my childhood town of Blackwood, it's where the Manics grew up, where I saw my first gig, it's where the South Wales Chartist leaders met and started their march on Newport and it's where I lived until about two years ago. I miss my university city of Cardiff, the parks, my friends and the convenience of shops not closing at 8pm. Despite all of this, Newbridge is starting to grow on me a little and a walk in the woods with Sookie on the weekend made me realise it's not such a bad place after all.


Top: Monki
Shoes - Low top trainers, Converse c/o Spartoo
Shorts: Primark
Bag: c/o Zatchels


The train line I travel down to get to Cardiff for work and a little row of miners cottages.


The most practical pair of shoes that I own for dog walking even though they aren't really that practical because they are white...


Sookie frolicking with a stick, she really loves a good stick.



Sookie is normally really nervous when it comes to water but it was so hot on Saturday she leaped into the river and the proceeded to dry herself by shaking the water all over me and rubbing against my legs, thanks Sook. It was nice to get out of the house and spend some time with my brother and my dog. I never really explore my town and only walk through it to get to the train station in the morning which is a shame because the Sirhowy Valley is such a beautiful area. I'm going to make the effort to spend more time enjoying my town, how well do you know your home town?

P.S. I just signed up to Pinterest. It's going to drain hours of my life isn't it?

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  1. This looks like such a lovely place, especially down by the river. I always think it can be easy to forget how nice a place is when you live there all the time, so going on little adventures is always good!
    Love the picture of Sookie in the buttercups! x

  2. Oh Sookie is amazing, totally in love with her. It is really pretty here, I love the cottages next to the railway line!

    Maria xxx

    1. Most of the houses in the valleys look like that :) rows of pretty terraced houses x

  3. Looks like an amazing place for a walk. Very jealous.

  4. Lovely photos :) Looks like a fab day & that she had a wonderful time <3


  5. Gorgeous photos Gemma. I love exploring where I live, though I've always lived in this area so pretty much know it like the back of my hand now! x

  6. Pretty pictures!
    Your dog is so cute.

  7. I have those exact same shoes - they are also one of my most practical but because they are white it's a bit of a nightmare on a country walk. Love the pics and your dog is took cute

    Laura x

  8. It's really lovely to explore your home area isn't it? I like just walking the streets of Cardiff sometimes, noticing all the different types of houses. I try and do a bit of exploring wherever I go, so if I get sent to places for work, I always try and factor in a little break so I can stop at a country park or something.

    Newbridge doesn't look bad at all, the sunshine helps doesn't it?

    Ordered a Kentucky Tie yet?!

    P x

    1. Not yet, there is a £10 min order on that site so tracking one down on eBay. The sunshine helps, can be a little bleak in the rain with grey skies but then most places are like that x

  9. looks awesome, love the photos! ♥

  10. Aaaaaw sookie! she's so cute, her face in the water ha! my dog's the same on a hot day, as soon as she sees the canal she makes a run for it and just divebombs in lol X going to follow you on pinterest...the first week is the most draining!

  11. Aww it looks like you had a lovely time!


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