Be Positive

By Gem - 14:55:00

It's easy to get stuck in the same routines and focus on the negative things. Posts be Bee and Lisa
always leave me feeling fuzzy inside and I wanted to try and share that feel-good factor myself. Why not try one of the following points or make up one of your own for a easy way of adding a little positivity to your life.

be positive
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Send a postcard, everyone loves getting post.

Avoid social media for a day.

Build a fort with lots of blankets, get your favourite snacks and watch a DVD.

Sign a petition to help save the Royal Mail from privitisation.

Print some photos and create a collage in a pretty frame, don't just put them facebook.

Have a makeup-free day, it's great for your skin.

Listen to this song.

Arrange a picnic. Pack some Pimms, cucumber sandwiches and scones for a very British affair.

Have a good sort out, sell things on eBay and treat yourself to something new with the paypal money.

Visit your local library, discover a new author and make new friends by joining the reading group.

Laugh! Find out where your local comedy night is and go along for a good giggle.

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  1. It's been shamefully long since I last went to the library :(

    1. oh no, such a great way to save money too. The less you spend on books the more you can spend on shoes ;) Love browsing in the library, always find something new and exciting.

  2. Ebay is my favourite way to cheer myself up. After all Paypal isn't really money is it?! ;)

  3. Great post Gem. I really want to build a fort and go for a picnic soon. x

  4. I have an ebay store so I guess i'm always cheering myself up haha! But yeah love the thrill of selling stuff on there. I love that you mentioned getting away from social media, I try to do that most Saturday - doesn't always work out to be most of the day but a good chunk - it's nice just to have that down time and not feel the need to be constantly plugged in with the rest of the world.

  5. I love this list, I really need to do more of this sort of stuff! I'm doing the fort + film thing tonight I think!x

    1. fort building is the best, I like watching Submarine in my forts x

  6. Great advice. I know I feel better when I avoid social media for a bit. I don't know what it is. I would love a break from the net full stop but I can't seem to break away from it :(

    The makeup free one is easy though as I'm a busy mum. The school run is done in shades and a headscarf haha!

    Enjoyed this post, thanks!

  7. You will have to send me your address, I have some lovely cards but no one to send them to ;)

    Maria xxx


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