Blackpool Pt 1

By Gem - 11:13:00

I had been looking forward to my weekend up north for ages, I love a trip to the seaside and a trip to the seaside with Alice and Danielle is even better. Alice has been my pen pal for a couple of years now and Danielle and Alice became pen pals through the pen pal exchange I set up a few years ago and have been writing to each other ever since. I've met Alice before at Norbury and I met up with Danielle last time I was in Manchester but we haven't all be together at the same time before.

I was a little bit disappointed that I didn't get to spend time in Sheffield (and find my own Alex Turner) but me and Alice left Sheffield super early Saturday morning and drove to Blackpool to meet Danielle and have some seaside fun.



Posing on the comedy carpet. All photos are a mix of my own and some that Alice took.


We tried and failed to win some cuddly toys in Coral Island and got some candy floss as a consolation prize. I find those 2p machines mesmerising...

Coral Island Blackpool

We had a day at the seaside so we had to get some traditional fish and chips. Less traditional was the odd neon pink ketchup that it came with but it tasted great.



We hit the shops picking up some bargains in Primark including the huge fluffy cardi I have on in the photo above and went a bit mad in Home Bargains buying junk food and weird alcopops for the hotel in the night. The amount of junk food we got was pretty obscene but soo good. You have to have all of this stuff for a sleepover, right?


We planned on watching some DVDs but we ended up listening to music and chatting until we got  knock on the wall at 1.30am to keep the noise down, oopsie.

WARNING: I'm not wearing make up in the following photo.


I had the best day and stayed up too late and ate way too much junk but you only live once ey? I took about 300 photos you have to endure another post about my trip to Blackpool later in the week ;)

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  1. Ah Gem this sounds like a perfect weekend away. Junk food is always a must!

  2. Aw this looks like a fun weekend, gotta love a bit of Blackpool! Also I LOVE Mikado!! Omg the daim ones are the best. I'm craving some now :(

    Sweet Monday

  3. Big approval of that junk food pic! That's my kind of haul post!

  4. Lovely snaps!

    Emma x

  5. Blackpool is so much fun! We had a week there in April and we both loved it, I can't remember the last time we laughed so much on holiday!

    The Pirate Flyer ride in Coral Island is fab as well, I'm sure it's meant for kids but you end up giggling like children so I reckon that counts! x

  6. Oh man I love Coral Island, looks like a fun day! My boyfriend wants to go on holiday to Tuscany, I want to go to Blackpool, clearly there's something wring with me... ;)

  7. Bloody love the Blackpool.

    So jealous of all that junk food. You can't beat a good visit to Home Bargains!

  8. Loving your dress its soo cute and I need cotton candy too asap
    NRC ♥

  9. This sounds like a great weekend. I haven't been to Blackpool for years and would love to visit again.
    I'm rather envious of you in the no make-up shot, you look amazing Gem! x

  10. Aww it looks like you had a great time! Love your dress too! :) x


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