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I have to admit I'm not sold on this 90s fashion revival at the moment. Only a handful of people look good in 'mom jeans', you would never find me spilling out of a cropped t-shirt or in dungarees but a bit of plaid, a slip dress and some chunky shoes are much more appealing. This is my attempt at channeling a Angela Chase - My So-Called Life/Courtney Love vibe.

I always wanted a dress like this or a black one with a white collar as a teenager because I wanted to dress like a cross between Courtney Love and Wednesday Addams but could never find any but now they're everywhere. This dress was from the River Island Chelsea Girl collection and was pretty reasonably priced at £25.

tartan dress

Dress: River Island
Shoes: Shelly's c/o Spartoo
Shelly's shoes

I loooove my cute patent Shelly's shoes and haven't stopped wearing them since they arrived, I feel very prim and proper in them and I might get a back up pair for when I wear them out. Going to be pairing these with all my shift dresses and peter pan collars this autumn. I'm also thinking of getting some Dr Martens chunky shoes for even more of a grunge/90s look. I'm going to try to create a more glam 90s look for the evening with this Religion dress from Serene Order

tartan dress collar river island 
Sookie wanted to play the game of standing in all my photos, little madame.

I made a little playlist of 90s tracks that I like from all female bands or bands with female members because this dress inspired me to dig out some of my old records. It's a shame I can't sing or play guitar because I'de love to be the next Shirley Manson or Justine Frischmann.

. Doll Parts by Gem Southgate on Grooveshark

I'm currently on the train making my way up north to see Danielle and Alice, so excited. Hope you all have a lovely weekend I apologise in advance for bombarding you with photos and tweets but I really love it up north.

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  1. I LOVE your dress so much - you look so cute! xxx

  2. Oooh, I love this dress. May have to make a trip to river island soon! xx

  3. That dress is lovely, it reminds me of one that I had in the 90s but I would still wear it now! Love the shoes too :)
    Your dog is gorgeous as well x

    1. She's the best, love my little Sooks x

  4. You hot mama, Gem! I love this dress, and it's definitely the right kind of 90s - ain't no one got time to see my in a crop top. I love the North too! Have the best time, and please do bombard us with photos, I know that I, for one, would love to see them :) xxxx (ps, you hair looks amazing!)

    1. I certainly did go a bit mad with photos :) Thanks, been growing my fringe out for ages and finally got rid of it xx

  5. Gahhh I've had that dress in my wish list for a while now, I need to go ahead and buy it. (Though I promised myself I wasn't going to buy anymore dresses with cap sleeves and collars as I have loads already, but oh well! :D)

  6. Ooo love the dress super cute! xx

  7. i looove this on you! and what a cute pooch! xx

  8. In love with the shoes and your poochy :) Now following on GFC.

    I also have a tartan dress in my latest outfit post and my lurcher Brody often appears in my pictures! WOuld love you to pop over and say hi :)

    Charlie xx
    LHL | UK Fashion Blog

  9. I've got this exact dress bookmarked for when it goes in sale/I give in and buy it. It looks much more purple in your photos than the site, which could sway me. It really suits you :) I also have shoe envy!


  10. Oh I think you really suit 90s Gem! All you need is smudgy eyeliner and a patchwork rucksack, and you COULD ACTUALLY BE in She's All That (best film ever) <3 Claire at Jazzpad


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