Lindy Bop Cassy Dress

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Can you believe this is my first outfit post of the year? All the rain and dark days mean I've found it hard to snap what I'm wearing but there were a few rays of light in my garden today so I managed to take a handful of photos. There have also been a lot less posts on Fat Frocks as I'm trying to be more frugal and spend more time in the great outdoors which means less pretty dresses *sob*
I’m trying my best to save for a house and being very strict with myself. No more impulse purchases or buying coffee on my way to work in the morning. It sucks a little but it will be worth it in the end when I can settle down and have my own lovely home.

I've been buying far more functional clothes recently like skater skirts and jersey tops which I can wear to work and layer up but I fancied wearing something a little frivolous and fancy today so I popped this Lindy Bop number on which has been sitting in my wardrobe since before Christmas. 

This is a picture of a red Lindy Bop Cassy dress

Dress: Lindy Bop
Shoes: New Look (old)
Necklace: mynamenecklace.co.uk
Ring: Daisy


The skirt is already very full but I'm planning on wearing this with my net underskirt for a more dramatic look next time. I'm also planning on getting some Melissa shoes that are black with red hearts on to go with this dress, adding a few smart accessories like a beautiful Tissot watch that I found on watches-of-switzerland.co.uk and doing something creative with my hair like trying out some victory rolls to complete my Valentine's day look.Do any of you know which YouTubers are best for retro hair and make up tutorials?

You can get these in lots of different colours and Lindy bop sell lots of these retro style dresses for under £30. I love this dress and feel very feminine whilst wearing it. The fact that it has sleeves is a bonus so I don't have to cover most of the dress in a cardigan. I might have to purchase it in another colour...

Lindy Bop also sell some lovely wiggle dresses and I know I will be purchasing from them again. If you’re going to order I suggest taking a look at the sizing chart as the dresses come up a little small and can be tight in the arm. I sized up for this dress. You have to pay to return so it’s best to make sure it’s right before you buy.


Even though I'm posting a little less on here at the moment I'm using instagram a lot more and post lots of photos of my dog, dresses and Buttons the bunny over on there. If you want to see those updates head over here. You can never post too many photos of your shoes and dog right?

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  1. Swit swoooo Gem! Being frugal in January sucks (I'm at it too) but just think of how good you'll feel when you've saved for your hollibobs :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

    1. Exactly, I'm going to go wild and eat loads of seafood and cake on holidays ;) xx

  2. very lovely indeed! I can just imagine it looking fab with a net skirt too X

  3. i love this it reminds me of mini mouse :-) looking gorgeous hun xx

  4. Oh Gem it's gorgeous!! Did you have to size up for this one? If I ever have any spends for clothes (unlikely at the mo) I'm really tempted by some of the things on there. Just a bit unsure about the sizing.

  5. I really love this dress, it looks so good on you! Definitely feeling the January strain as well, I'm even wondering about a clothes spending ban.

  6. Red is totally your colour Gem! You look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sophie :) I only have a couple of red things. Nice to have a change from black or navy xx

  7. Awwwwwwwwwww! This dress is SO CUTE! You remind me of a ladybug - totally a good thing! I like the idea of it with a net skirt underneath, will definitely give it a 50s vibe.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

    1. Thanks Michelle :) My brother said it was very Minnie Mouse when he saw me wearing it x

  8. Yes yes yes! This'd be perfect on valentines day! Looking very lovely here lady xx

  9. the dress is pretty and the bow is the perfect finishing touch :)

  10. That dress is lovely, really suits you


  11. This is gorgeous on you!!! Great colour. I have this dress in the purpley-blue colour, and I have about 3 other Lindy Bop dresses. Bit obssessed!

    Enjoy wearing it, looks amazing.

    P x


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