Dorset holiday - Sea Life Centre & Lyme Regis

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This is the final post sharing photos from my holiday to Dorset, I can't believe it was nearly two months ago. A lot has happened since then and the holiday was a good test to see if Martyn and I would be able to live together. We hadn't spent seven days in a row with each other before that and we managed to cope with each others bad habits and living together is going pretty well so far. 

During our holiday we went to the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth and got to see some wonderful creatures including this lovely little Humboldt penguin.

a picture of a humboldt penguin

Sadly, over-fishing and habitat destruction have left the Humboldt Penguin vulnerable. Numbers are declining and the current population which live near Peru and Chile, may only be up to 12,000. Very sad indeed.


a picture of a star fish



I'm really glad that I went to visit during term time, this place would have been a nightmare with children running around screaming like they are probably doing this week. The highlight of the day was definitely penguin feeding time, seeing those guys waddle is the best.


On our final day we headed to Lyme Regis for a stroll along the beach and a ice cream which was the perfect way to end our lovely week in Dorset.



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a picture of lyme regis pebble beach

I'm hoping to spend time with friends this weekend, enjoy the great outdoors and scoff plenty of chocolate. Hope you all enjoy the long Easter weekend and get up to something nice.

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  1. Awww I love a good aquarium! This looks like so much fun, and that penguin is too adorbz. Maybe we could go to the sealife centre in Birmingham in May?! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. The seafront at Lime Regis looks lovely! I've been to a Sealife centre once but it did seem quite small. I love to spy on wildlife up close x

  3. Aw looks like you had such a lovely holiday, I love sealife centers xx

  4. This looks like so much fun, I love PENGUINS! And yes to Sealife Centre :D

    Maria xxx

  5. Your pics are amazing!! Its sounds like a wonderful place! xx


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