April in photos

By Gem - 15:32:00

  1. I had a very tasty Bleecker Street Burger with Hannah before heading to see...
  2. The Manics in Brixton Academy.
  3. Tried baked eggs for the first time and they make an excellent brunch.
  4. Martyn assembled my bed and hung some pictures up for me so my dressing room/guest room is looking lovely.
  5. I headed to Caerleon Roman Fortress with my best friend for a fun and informative day out.
  6. I went to visit my nan and her dog Sindy, don't get to see them often enough.
  7. The conference I helped to organise, Library Camp Wales was a success and a day filled with cake.
  8. I went to see Derren Brown in the Millennium Centre with Martyn on his 'Infamous' tour, won't spoil it for anyone but it was brilliant.
All these photos are my from my instagram account which you can follow here.

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  1. Looks like a fab month matey! Sindy looks so sweet too, does she get on with Sookie? :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

    1. Sindy and Sookie are the best little playmates, so cute together :) xx

  2. love your heart bowl, looks like april was a nice mont for you. Hope may is even better :) x

  3. Ohh Manic Street Preachers! Looks like a good month :)

  4. You went to see the MANICS? WELL JEL!

    Hope you have a lovely May, the weather is on the rise too, yay!


    1. They were awesome as always :) Thanks Halima x

  5. Oh what a lovely round up of photos - John would loooove that burger and the baked eggs looks divine - as does your new guest bedroom :)

    Laura x

    1. You and John should try the Hang BBQ if you haven't already been, good veggiw option too x

  6. I hope you enjoyed the Manics :)
    I've never tried baked eggs, must try them soon as I've heard so many people saying how nice they are. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  7. Your April looked amazing! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend :)

    Maria xxx


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