Easy ways to update a man’s wardrobe

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If you’re looking to sharpen up the man in your life’s clothes and accessories, then think style not trends. It’s much easier to simply update a look rather than to jump into the latest fashion, which will usually require a restyle in six months’ time.

Clothes and clothing accessories aren’t always top of a man’s list when it comes to disposing of that monthly income but it doesn’t cost much to update a look. A few well-made, stylish items can make a huge difference to a look but choose classic clothes and accessories rather than the latest ever-changing trends.

The classic accessory
A good watch is the perfect addition to any outfit and is also one of the easiest ways to add a little style. The full-on designer watches can be expensive but are a guaranteed eye-catcher.
There is a huge diversity of men’s watches available to suit every style and budget including the latest smart watches as well as those funky retro digital timepieces. An good quality watch also makes for the ideal Christmas or birthday gift and you can find some great discounts on designer watches by shopping online.

Martyn before and after my intervention for a wedding. He normally wears very casual clothing but I think he scrubbed up very well.

Clothes are an investment
Designer clothing is an investment and a well-cut shirt or pair of jeans should last for years without dating. It may cost a little (or a lot) more for clothes by designers such as Armani, Ralph Lauren and Prada but this is a long-term investment.
A simple shirt, t-shirt, jumper or jeans by the top designers should still look fresh in a few years’ time compared to today’s disposable clothes. Be warned that buying designer clothing can soon become addictive so this habit should be limited to a minimum of once a month.

Jewellery for men
Jewellery can be a sticking point for some men and many won’t even consider even a tiny bit of bling. However, a simple ring or wrist chain can look stylish and can definitely complement an outfit.
Cufflinks look great with a formal shirt and neck chains with a V-neck t-shirt are always a good casual look for the summer. Accessories such as dog-tags and rings can be added to neck-chains to funk it up a little.

The final touch
Some men love after-shave whereas many won’t touch the stuff and for men who won’t consider it there’s always the option to sneak in a bottle as a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift. Go for classic fresh smells by well-known names such as Armani, Calvin Klein and Issey Miyake.
For men who don’t like the sting of aftershave there is always the after-shave balm. A 100ml bottle will last for months and is the perfect accompaniment to a well-cut suit or even a casual outfit. I even popped some moisturiser and a manicure kit in my partners stocking for Christmas and he's loved using both.

These are some of the easiest ways to enhance a look and add a bit of class to a wardrobe. A gentle nudge in the right direction and a few accessories should be all it takes to update a man’s look.

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  1. I have the same problem with Nick....He is barely ever out of a hoody and trainers!

  2. my husband is constantly in his work combats and jumpers never do i get him in his other cvlothes lol x

  3. I don't have a man in my life so don't have this issue currently but a great post some good ideas x


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