Introducing My New Home Pt.1

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I've posted a few snaps of my new house over on Instagram but I haven't really shared any detailed photos even though I've been here for a couple of months now. My mum and Martyn have been great with helping me transform the bedrooms as my DIY skills are very limited and I have very little patience. I get bored after one coat of paint and sigh loudly after glossing one strip of skirting board.
Both bedrooms were pretty plain before I moved in, I don't think men believe in cushions or accessorising a room at all and I hoped I would be able to add a feminine touch.

This is the room I share with Martyn, I hope we can eventually achieve a bit of a Scandinavian feel eventually. The furniture was already there as it's a furnished rented house but I want to replace it with white or light wood furniture. I think the room is pretty masculine which is what I was aiming for, I didn't want to move in to Martyn's house and make it all pink and twee.

The bedding and light shade are both from John Lewis and the cushions are from Matalan, Habitat and Next. I love grey in interior design and it's the 'in' colour at the moment so I managed to pick up accessories pretty cheaply. The light shade makes such an impact in the room and that's what I was looking for. It was £60 but I had some John Lewis vouchers which I used to purchase it.

If you're moving or improving I highly recommend John Lewis as they had some wonderful items. The bedding I have is such high quality and washes wonderfully.

My dressing room/guest room is much more to my taste. Lots of pretty details, light and airy and very feminine. My cushions were all from next, the bedding from George and the curtains from Shaws. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on this bedroom because I don't spend a lot of time in there and I'm trying to save to buy a house so all work is being done on a budget. 

The bed that was here when I arrived was a sturdy chrome one but not to my taste at all so I picked up a budget on on eBay but I'm hoping to upgrade at some point and I'm looking at upholstered beds to make more of an impact. I'm loving the dusky pink and nude ones below which look pretty opulent.

Here are some more details from my bedroom which isn't 100% complete yet.

I picked up this dressing table for under £30 from a charity shop and I'm going to paint it cream. I want to find a wardrobe to replace the rail I have at the moment, possibly another charity shop bargain which I can spruce up with some paint. I prefer second had furniture and something with a bit of age, much more sturdy that flat pack stuff you get now and it means you have something that nobody else is likely to have.

I've put some artwork up to make sure all the white and cream doesn't look to sparse. The New Order poster came from Bestival a couple of years ago and I brought it with me from my bedroom at my mums. The ticket is from my trip to New Zealand a few years ago and the bird print is another charity  shop find which was only 25p! If you're looking to make a rented house feel like home I can highly recommend charity shops. Prints, furniture and kitchenware are always so much cheaper there and far more long lasting that high street buys.

This plate has been packed up ready for the move for ages and I couldn't wait to displays it, it was a gift from the lovely Sarah (A Million Dresses) and it sits proudly on my dressing table.

I've got another post with some photos of the kitchen, living room and garden to share next time so keep an eye out for those later next week. I definitely feel settled in now and I did whinge a lot when I moved in as the house wasn't to my taste but I'm a lot happier now it's had a coat of paint and finishing touches.

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  1. Ah Sarah picked a cracking gift!

  2. Lovely Gem :) and you seem so happy xx

  3. ooh it's all so beautiful, that lightshade is ridiculously gorgeous! x

  4. I love your pretty, tidy rooms! My interest levels in the interior design at home have always been rock bottom; most of our stuff was given to us for free and I've never considered making things match or pretty. I love looking at other people's pretty places but have never applied it to our home. Sounds a bit sad now I've written it. x

    1. I don't think any of that stuff really matters as long as your house feels like a home. I'm super fussy (I know it has driven Martyn insane) and have to have things co-ordinating. I've let the living room stay as it is which is pretty macho x

  5. Aaah this looks lovely! Adore all of the little details :)

  6. I like all the little details in your new home and the lampshade looks pretty cool :)

    Fiona @

  7. Oh Gemma, it looks lovely! And so co-ordinated, ours is still not there and we've been in over 6 months now. I squealed at the pic of your dressing table - I literally bought one a few weeks ago that's virtually identical!! It's been stripped and painted, and the mirror replaced. I've done a blog post on it, not up until this Friday (23rd) but I will warn you painting old furniture takes ages, and far more effort than you think! x

    1. Thank you :) I've got a belt sander which I used for the furniture which is at my mums which speeds things up a bit but it does take aaaages. Can't wait to see the post x

    2. Linky here for you:

      Good idea with the belt sander!! P x

  8. Aw, I love the plate! :) I totally agree about second hand furniture. So much better quality.

  9. such fab decor :)

  10. This room looks amazing!! I love that dresser + that little plate!!

  11. Looks lovely (and so tidy!!!) i particularly love the cushions and light shade in the first room! really cool and different!



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