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By Gem - 11:29:00

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I headed to Sheffield for a wedding of a fellow blogger and I had a wonderful time. I love weekend breaks and it was the first time I've attended a wedding with my +1 Martyn so I was looking forward to a trip away with him too. As much as I love travelling around the UK there is alays one major headache with a weekend away... what do you pack?

I always have issues with what to pack and I regularly take enough clothing for a week when I am only staying for 2 nights. I always end up wanting something I left at home but this time I was determined to travel light and planned ahead. bonprix invited me to choose two items from their latest collection that would be key pieces in my bag to take away with me.

I didn't need to pack my first outfit as I wore this to work on the Friday and I headed to Sheffield straight after work. I wore this with a cardigan in the day and then swapped that for a biker jacket and a splash of lippy in the evening when we headed out for a bite to eat in Sheffeild city centre. I wore black shoes because they would match the other dresses I had packed and shoes always weigh a case down so only having 2 pairs with me all weekend was great.

My second outfit was for the final day where I would be having breakfast with the wedding party, hoping to stop off for a spot of afternoon tea on the way home from Sheffield and travelling home 3+ hours in the car. It has to be smart, comfortable and not crease so I opted for another jersey dress, this time with a pretty polka dot print.

I normally carry a huge make up bag with me to work everyday which really weighs be down so I emptied my bag out and only took what I would need to create looks for the whole weekend. My Naked palette has colours for both day time and more dramatic looks so it's perfect for a weekend away.

I finally got to use all those miniatures and toiletries I got as part of gift sets at Christmas. I checked ahead and the hotels I was staying at had conditioner, body wash, sop and plenty of towels so I didn't pack any of those and saved a lot of space.

My final outfit was what I wore to the wedding. I used the clutch bag on the Friday night and all day Saturday and the blue Clarks shoes were the only ones I packed in my case as I wore my patent pumps there. This dress had such a full skirt so I rolled it up to make sure I could fit everything in my case and then jsut hung it up as soon as I got tot the hotel so the creases could drop out.

The only other things I packed that aren't in the pictures was a pair of PJs, tights and some underwear. There was even enough room in my case for a part of Martyn's shoes and a few of his t-shirt!
How do you think I did? Do you always pack way too much when you go away?

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  1. I always pack far too much. I took five pairs of shoes to Australia with me and wore three of them (and bought another pair when I was out there too!). I'm determined to be more sensible every time I pack, but then I panic that I'll forget something important!


  2. You're a much better packer than me Gemma!

  3. I'm terrible at packing for weekends away, always end up taking the same amount of stuff as I would for a whole week! Love the outfit you chose for the wedding, those blue shoes are lovely. x

  4. Oh the polka dots! On both dresses! so cute!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  5. I wish I could travel light but never seem to be able to manage it!


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