52 Lists - List the things in your bag right now

By Gem - 12:15:00

1. My purse
2.My diary
3.My HTC phone
4.A jacket potato for lunch and some dried fruit and nuts.
5.The i newspaper
7.Make up bag
9. A children's book to review for Judging Covers
10.Polka dot umbrella
11.Football stickers to send to Lucy and Becs
12. My house keys

This is part of the 52 lists series by Emma from Made in Hunters which I'm dipping in and out of.

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  1. I think I'd have to vet the contents of my handbag before doing a list like this ;) Seriously though, what a lovely idea for a post. Tx

  2. Great idea for a post.....I have way more in my bag....lol Loads of rubbish....hehehe

  3. I'd have to decide which handbag to choose first! All of them though have at least one lipstick or gloss in, colouring pencils and/or wax crayons and some kind of Power Rangers/Doctor Who/Star Wars figure!

  4. !! I love this idea of listing items!! I've been meaning to write a 'what's-in-my-bag' post for ages!!
    PS Your backpack is super cute!! :)

  5. I live the idea of this, my bag is fairly tidy at the moment so I should do it too haha


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