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Every fashion trend has strong influence running through it. Whether that’s from television, more often than not music or history, you can always trace a fashion trend back to something that has already occurred. Whilst music is the biggest influence of fashion (you can often tell exactly what someone listens to by just the shoes they wear) dance can also fall into the same category. You will find dancing a little difficult without a bit of music after all! But what has been the top dance looks through history and how can you achieve them? From Fame to Billy Elliot, why not experiment with your style using inspiration from popular culture and history...

Luscious Leotards 
During the summer months, it’s important to not only keep cool but continue to look stylish. Whilst the cooler months mean lovely layering of jumpers and scarves plus the favourite bobble hat, summer is somewhat more difficult. The catwalks and high street have taken inspiration once again from dance with the introduction of many MANY wonderful leotards. Mainly associated with jazz dance and ballet alike, there are various styles to suit everyone and surprisingly flattering for most shapes. I love this selection at The lace detailing in particularly is beautiful! Leotards look perfect with floaty summer skirts from a feminine look and denim shorts from an urban edge.
Beautiful Ballet 
Ballet is not exactly a new fashion trend but one shattered within the catwalks every now and then. Take simple cream, light pink or white summer dresses complete with spaghetti straps and delicate silk material. This is a style that never goes out of fashion and the perfect girly look. I do like to grunge up such dresses like a leather jacket and ankle boots though! 
And it doesn’t end with the ballet dress. Pumps with elaborate straps always make a statement as well as the ballerina pump itself obviously named after the dance. In terms of beauty, we regularly tie up our hair in formal buns. Just remember plenty of hairgrips. Yep, ballet fashion is everywhere if you think about it and there’s a fantastic range too to incorporate into your style as well
Fantastic Fame! 
Fame has always been a popular fancy dress choice with the leg warmers, bright headbands and gigantic perms always a popular look, however is there a way to embody this 80s style without making it look like a light hearted joke?  
Well, your spandex high-waisted trousers perfectly suit the 80s theme, as well as Sandy from Grease when she turns “cool”, but also high top trainers and not so much permed hair, but BIG hair. Crimpers have recently made an appearance having last been seen in the mid 90s somewhere so dust them off and try out a funky quiff!  
Whether you decide to go urban or keep it girly, there is a surprising amount of inspiration to be found in the dance world. Just look at the opening credits of Sex and the City, the influence of Dirty Dancing and the popularity of modern films such as Step Up. Dance will always be at the fall front of fashion.

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  1. Aaah I love the classic shapes of dance films like West Side Story, one of my faves!


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