Things I'm currently excited about

By Gem - 10:41:00

(photos added later from instagram)

1. Martyn's birthday on Sunday
2. My trip around the US by rail next year
3. Having a lie in on Saturday
4. Spending a whole weekend with Martyn
5.Visiting the seaside
6. Baking a Breaking Bad birthday cake
7. Making plans for my holiday in July
8. Seeing Martin Freeman in Richard III in September
9. Seeing my dog Sookie wag her tail when I walk through the door
10. Wearing my new heart print dress

This is part of the 52 lists series by Emma from Made in Hunters which I'm dipping in and out of.

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  1. The breaking bad birthday cake looks amazing! Just need some blue crystals!

  2. Wow a trip around the US sounds amazing. Popping over from

  3. Oooh I'm seeing Richard III too! Very exciting!


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