Tintern Abbey, coral dress & converse

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I had the most wonderful weekend off with Martyn for his birthday. We only get one weekend a month together so I'm glad we headed out to explore the romantic ruin of Tintern Abbey which is located on banks of the River Wye in Wales.

photo of Tintern Abbey in Wales.

Tintern Abbery was a Cistercian Abbey founded in 1131 and suffered the way most Catholic Churches in England and Wales did in the 16th. century when the Abbey and its wealth was surrendered to representatives of  King Henry VIII.

Tintern experienced a bit of a re-birth after it was discovered by ‘Romantic’ artists and poets in the late 18th century. The artist, Turner and poet, Wordsworth both visited and used the the Abbey in their work and it became a very fashionable place to visit. 

Interior of Tintern Abbey

You can see why the Romantic poets loved it here, can't you? It was over grown with lots of ivy in their time too so I'm sure it would have been even more wild, dark and mysterious. I love how every turn of my head resulted in an entirely new view, pillars casting shadows in different directions and a carved detail to catch my eye. 

Coral dress from Dorothy Perkins

Dress: Dorothy Perkins - Shoes: c/o Cloggs  - Bag: ASOS - Headband - Crown and Glory

It was roasting hot and humid all day so I decided to wear my new, light dress from Dorothy Perkins and some sensible shoes for walking around. I tucked my hair under my headband to get it out of my way. I find it so hard to dress when it's this warm. I live in black tights and cardigans not sundresses and sandals. I'm loving my new lilac converse, they are the perfect colour for summer.

Lilac hi top converse

Poet Allen Ginsberg took acid trip at Tintern Abbey in 1967, and wrote his poem Wales Visitation. In the poem he wrote: "...the lambs on the tree-nooked hillside this day bleating/ heard in Blake's old ear, &; the silent thought of Wordsworth in eld Stillness/ clouds passing through skeleton arches of Tintern Abbey-/ Bard Nameless as the Vast, babble to Vastness!"

Interior photo of Tintern Abbey in Wales

lilac converse and Crown and Glory headband

Martyn kept on joking and saying happy birthday to me because I was having such a good day and it really should have been somewhere we visited on my birthday and not his. I did my dissertation on religious orders in the medieval church in Wales so I was thoroughly fascinated by everything I saw. 

We made our way back home after watching a game of cricket from the beer garden of the pub opposite the abbey. It was a perfect day which only got better when I made Breaking Bad cake (photo here) for Martyn and a roast chicken dinner when we got home. Yum, yum! I took loads of photos of Tintern Abbey but couldn't put them all in one post so head over to flickr if you want to see more. 

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  1. Wow, this looks so dramatic! I love the setting in the woodland, how very beautiful and inspiring <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

    1. It really was beautiful, I want to head back at night when it's all lit up and explore the forest xx

  2. Wow that looks amazing! And that pink dress really suits you x

  3. Beautiful photos and I love your dress in this picture :)

    Haaappy Summer!
    Visit my blog - Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  4. This looks amazing! Love the dress too :)

  5. I live in my Converse. How do you keep them so clean?! I've got a soft spot for abbeys as well and I've got a post I must write up now! Tintern looks lovely.

    1. These ones have only been worn a handful if times so I expect they will end up grubby soon ;) x

  6. You look so cute! I love the shade of your Converse...great choice. I can't imagine what it's like to only have one weekend a month with your other half, at least you chose to make the most of it! xx

  7. Look at how beautiful you are, Gem! I totally would've fangirled with you too - gotta love Romantic poets. I believe I have been to this abbey with tons of kids on a school trip. I hope your beau had a lovely birthday - you definitely know how to treat a partner ;) Come make me cake and roast chicken, please!

  8. What a beautiful abbey. It looks amazing. I love your look really suits you. The dress is gorgeous. Popping over from www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk

  9. That abbey looks so beautiful! I love the look of old churches and buildings!

  10. I really love Tintern abbey! Such a lovely place to visit - perfect for day trip adventures! I love your pink dress and flower crown

    Laura x

  11. Aw, I love these photos!! :) X


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