52 Lists - List your dreams for the future (right now)

By Gem - 13:08:00

Amtrak California Zephyr Green River - Floy, Utah.jpgAmtrak California Zephyr Green River - Floy, Utah

1. To buy my own house and fill it with books.
2. To work part time so I can get a dog and be home with it, cook more and get crafty.
3. To see all my friends fulfill their dreams.
4.Own a bike and explore more of Wales on it.
5. To be happy with the way I look.
6. To take a trip across the USA on the California Zephyr train next year with Martyn.
7. Visit more of the UK, I've never been to Scotland!
8. To go back to university and study for an MA in Library and Information studies.
9. To be free of this awful coalition government after the 2015 General Election.
10. To be healthy and stress free.

This is part of the 52 lists series by Emma from Made in Hunters which I'm dipping in and out of.

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  1. I love each and every one of these dreams!!
    I would love to one day visit Scotland, Wales and just travel!! I hardly ever go anywhere!
    I would also love to one day have a room just for movies + books! They really need their own space and I hope to one day clear out a room just for them!!
    ooo! and Be healthy + stress free is def. a must have! I'm working on the healthy part but those sweets keep calling my name! and I don't think I'll ever be stress free :(
    Good luck on each of these dreams - I think you can def. make all these dreams into a realities!! xoxoxo

  2. I love these dreams! Especially the explore more of the UK one - I'm so with you with this, I haven't explored the UK and all it has to offer yet! Good luck with all these dreams, I really hope you achieve them!

    Sarah xx

  3. Great list! Hold onto that list, make sure your revisit it often and remind yourself what important to you. I have a list of places to visit in the UK, I'm slowly chipping away at it - and I'm having great fun in the process. After 3 years of talking about going part-time in April I actually did - life changing for the better :)

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me


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