M&S Collection - Striped Padded Non-Wired Full Cup DD-G Bra review

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There’s a new wirefree bra option for fuller busts on the market, thanks to the latest innovation from the Marks & SpencerThe new bra took more than a year to develop, and instead of an underwire uses compression foam technology in the cups to provide the shape and support required in larger sizes. I had read a lot about this bra in the press and was very intrigued. I was pretty certain that a bra without wiring would never be able to hold me and support me so I was a little sceptical when M&S offered to fit me with one of their new bras. 
M&S COLLECTION Striped Padded Non-Wired Full Cup DD-G Bra

M&S COLLECTION Striped Padded Non-Wired Full Cup DD-G Bra

M&S COLLECTION Striped Padded Non-Wired Full Cup DD-G Bra

The fitting experience was very pleasant and my fitter has been working at M&S for over 20 years and really knew her stuff. The sizing in this bra differs from a regular bra so I advise popping into the store to get a fitting or ordering few sizes online to make sure you get a good fit. I'm normally a 36FF-G but found that a 38F was the perfect fit with this style. The back comes up a little tight (a few of the M&S site reviews have mentioned this too) so I would size up. 
The moulded cups are trimmed with a lace underband and wide lace wings that help smooth the back and support the bust, while the shoulder straps are made from a high density fabric for additional support. I found that this bra didn't give me the round shape which I normally like to have as I wear very moulded bras and this was a softer cup but it looked lovely under clothes and there was none of that dreaded back fat over spill or digging in. The wide lace at the back really did a great job of smoothing me and creating a clean sillouette under my clothes. 
The bra is very affordable at just £22.50 and comes in sizes 32-40 DD-G. I typically pay around £30+ for my bras(a definite downside to having a fuller bust) so I think the price is great.

I picked up this bra from M&S Cardiff Capital which has been transformed from a Home and Food store to one offering over 20,000 sq ft of Women’s, Men’s and Kids’ fashion, as well as Food and Beauty.  The fashion-focused redevelopment establishes an entire ground floor dedicated to Womenswear, showcasing M&S’ sought-after Limited Edition, per una and Indigo clothing collections, as well as footwear and lingerie. 

This bra has definitely opened my eyes to non-wired options on the market now and it's so refreshing to not be wearing something with uncomfortable wiring. Do you ever wear non-wired bras?

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  1. It looks beautiful, and I am all for non-wired bras because so many of mine have broken and dug in underneath my arms :( Price isn't bad at all either! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. This looks beautiful! I need to get some new bras so will check out M&S!

    Maria xxx

  3. This looks lovely, I like the lace at the back of it


  4. I really like the look of this bra, I haven't visited the newly done out M&S yet in Cardiff so I'll have to pop in!

  5. I love m and s underwear they are always great quality and wash really well

  6. I like this bra!! Looks very beautiful! I will check out M&S.

  7. Hmm, I'm a 34G and have always found M&S to be totally useless for larger bras, even when a member of staff has fitted me! I'll definitely look into this though, underwired bras are so uncomfortable :(

  8. Replies
    1. Oops, pressed send!! I always like bras without underwiring so usually feel lucky tohavesmall chest in that regard! X

  9. Hey
    Firstly I love your blog.
    Thanks for doing this review, As a G cup underwire is like the adult version of a security blanket for me! but it would be nice to have a wire free option for the summer (I live in Australia) when it's so hot that I don't feel like wearing any cloths particularly not a tight restrictive bra bra (please no that I still do wear clothing)
    While we don't have a M&S yet we will soon! and I am oh so excited! :D
    Off topic but I must ask about your bedding the lace is stunning and goes so well with the I was wondering when and where you got it. X


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