Modern Life is Rubbish

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It’s really common for people to push themselves, always be on the move and never have time to unwind. All that pushing can feel so smart and productive until you’re exhausted, dehydrated, overextended, overwhelmed and about to snap. I’ve felt all of those things and pressures of modern life often get on top of me but I've found a few tips and tricks that help me to relax and feel less stressed.
1. Get some sleep -  whether it’s by going to bed a half-hour earlier or by sleeping in an extra fifteen minutes you will really notice a difference in your energy levels and health by upping the amount of time you sleep.

2. Try something new - I've been going to yoga for the past couple of months after always assuming it wasn't for me and I have to admit I'm a total convert. I get time to focus on myself and work on my strength and flexibility. Try new foods, new activities and visit new places.

3. Sing, paint, dance and be creativeIt’s really hard to stress and over-think when you’re engaged in something fun and expressive. I'm not particularly creative but I do like experimenting in the kitchen and I've been trying new cake recipes and made stuffed peppers for the first time last week.

Go outside, have fun in nature -
 Feel the grass underneath your feet and enjoy the scenery. I'm guilty of spending most of my day in work, commuting home and then sitting in front of the TV. Martyn bought my a lovely red bike for my birthday and I try and get out on it as much as I can when its not raining to get some fresh air.

5. Indulge in a guilty pleasureRead a trashy magazine, go shopping, drink a latte or eat some cake, most things are fine in moderation so don't worry about indulging every so often. I like to pour a little Baileys in my hot chocolate in the winter or make a mulled drink and just sit back and enjoy.

6. Just be -  Choose to do nothing—don’t read, watch TV, surf the web, or in any way consume information. When was the last time you did that?

7. Give technology a bed time. I know from experience how pre-sleep white light can effect me. I try and avoid looking a my phone, watching TV or using technology for at least half an hour before bed.  Choose other relaxing activities before you head to sleep like reading a good book, choosing what to wear the next day or de-cluttering and tidying up. I also hate to think that the first thing and last thing I do each is check my phone rather than give my partner a hug. I like to chat to my partner before bed and make sure the rabbit gets some attention.

Have a cup of tea. There really isn't anything a good brew can't help with. I've been trying to cut down on caffeine recently and these M&S
Cranberry and Pomegranate Infusion Tea Pyramids really hit the spot. Sit down, have a quiet moment with a cuppa and noting seems quite so bad.

What are your top tips for relaxing?
I was asked to take part in a competition by Artesian Spas and this is my "Art spas say relax" contest entry.

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  1. I have 3 dogs so a good cuddle with them is an instant stress reliever. Isn't it funny that we have to THINK of ways to relax these days......

    1. It's a real shame that we have to consciously take time out. Everything seems to whizz by now.

  2. walking does the trick for me... most of the time at least :-)

  3. I love picking up a book to read and ideally transport my mind to another place and time - just for an hour at least.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  4. I have two kitties to cuddle up when I'm stressed :) But I sometimes really need a time of my own, to relax and let the stress go away!

  5. I had a conversation with a colleague about pretty much this today - both of us are rubbish at just "doing nothing" for a day, and end up being fraught and stressed out with no time to recharge. I will definitely be dedicating one day next weekend to having a duvet day!

  6. I am so bad at switching off, I need to get back into having baths I think!

    Maria xxx

  7. I do love getting into the kitchen and trying things out, particularly baking, that's always good fun. I try to go for a walk when I get too stressed, I love being outside and no matter the weather, it always makes me feel better. It's also great when you're having a bit of an argument with partner, after all, you can't really argue in public so you can talk about everything and end the disagreement whilst you get some exercise.
    I'm also a big fan of a hot shower to relax me too.

    One new thing I've tried recently is audiobooks, I'm really enjoying listening to a book, that's really relaxing and particularly great for getting through my work day :)

    ~ K

  8. Totally agree with lots of these, especially "just be", I find I'm at my happiest away from technology, with a good book and fresh air :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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