Cardiff Bloggers Meet Up - Petttigrew tea Rooms

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A couple of weeks ago myself and two lovely local bloggers - Laura from Side Street Style and Chantelle from Two Hearts One Roof planned and hosted a afternoon tea themed meet up for bloggers from the South Wales area. I've organised a few blogging events in Cardiff before including some with Chantele but I have to admit this was my favourite one so far.

The venue we chose was Pettigrew Tea Rooms in Bute Park which is one of my favourite haunts in Cardiff. They prepared a bespoke afternoon tea for us and there were a few things on the menu that hadn't been served there before, lucky us! If you're ever in Cardiff I highly recommend a visit especially if the coconut and raspberry cake is on the menu.

This is a picture of a cream tea at pettigrew tea room in Cardiff.

We were treated to palma violet marshmallows, lava bread palmier, profilterolls, red onion and goats cheese mille-feuille and bara brith. All of them were absolutely delicious, I really want to try and make some marshmallows myself now. The ones was had were so soft mmmm.

I loved catching up with local bloggers, I think Cardiff has a great blogging community and I always look forward to seeing my blogging buddies. The food was lovely but the company was definitely the highlight of the day for me.

Isn't the interior of Pettigrew Tea Rooms super cute?

We did a drew a raffle and Nina won a cute iconemisis phone cover and we gave away some lovely dotcomgiftshop bunting (they also supplied some napkins and table decorations for the day).

this is a picture of cream tea

I want to thank Argos, Green People, Miss Patisserie, Move Dancewear, Fever London, M&S, Crabtree, St Kitts Herbery, Discount Coffee and By Kirsty for kindly supplying some gifts for everyone.

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  1. Ah gem this tearoom looks absolutely delicious! Looks like you had a fun day!

    1. it was lovely, I'll have to take you when you come to Cardiff to see me again ;) xx

  2. Oh this all looks amazing, glad you all had fun :)

    Maria xxx

  3. It was a lovely afternoon. ��

  4. Owwww it looks like such a fun afternoon! It's really nice you have a close blogging community near you, I don't know anyone within 10 miles!! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. Oh that tearoom lovely so lovely, you all look like you were having a wonderful time !

  6. I'd love to meet with a group of writers. I met one of the American authors from our writing group a couple of years ago. She was just the way I'd pictured her. Glad your meeting was so successful.


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