Cardiff Blogs Christmas Social

By Gem - 10:57:00

It's time for another Cardiff Blogs meet (hooray!!) and as it's the festive season it's time for....drum roll!!

"The Cardiff Blogs Christmas Social"

Yes, it's the season to be jolly so we're all getting together to have a few drinks and generally be merry! As it's Christmas we may/may not play a few games (participation optional) to help you all get to know each other a little better. I've been helping to organise Cardiff Blogs meet ups for a couple of years now and they are always fun an informal events. It's great for fellow fashion/lifestyle bloggers like myself to go and meet people who blog about food, SEO, politics etc and make some blogging friends outside of the usual circles.

The meetup will be taking place on Wednesday 10th December at Milgi on City Road and we have the yurt all to ourselves.  There's free Wi-Fi, so tweeting during the event is encouraged and the hashtag is #cdfblogs.

The event will begin at 6:30pm but if you can't make it for 6:30pm don't worry, just turn up whenever you can, we'll still be happy to see you! If you want to come just sign up for tickets below.

Follow us at @cdfblogs to hear the latest information about the meetups.

Don't forget: our events are free to attend and open to everyone so if you're not a blogger (or not from Cardiff!) don't worry! We'll love you just as much if you come, we promise :)

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  1. Wish I could attend - I miss you and your gorgeous smile!

    Thanks for the comment on my goals post, sweet. Unfortunately, he doesn't like bikes, gardening or reading books. I know, what a weirdo! I think I'm going to buy him some Bristol pounds and produce an itinerary for a day out we can have together. I'll look forward to seeing your photographs from Budapest then!

  2. Agh, I wish I could make this one. I'm gonna make it my goal to get over the bridge and see you guys but I'd hit both Bristol AND bridge rush hour traffic and I'd get there about 9 at night :( next weekend one for sure, keep me posted? xx

  3. Hoping to come straight from work at 6, just for an hour or so, may drag the hubs along too as he is now a part of the blog
    Two Hearts One Roof


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