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I had a really lovely week last week involving lots of good food, friends and fireworks. It really doesn't get much better than that. I missed out on all the big organised firework displays because Martyn had work on the weekend so I planned a little evening in the garden to celebrate bonfire night.

This is a picture of food on bonfire night, currywurst, hotdogs and mulled wine.

I made a obscene amount of food for two people including hotdogs, currywurst, mulled wine. baked Camembert and toasted marshmallows. Yum! Currywurst is my favourite, I wish takeaway places in the UK served it. The Germans are on to a good thing.


I had way too much fun with the sparklers, anyone would think I was 5 years old.

We needed plenty of mulled wine to keep warm and I wore my lovely new Blue Melon hat. They have a wide selection from lots of brands so if you're off to France to ski this season or just want something to fight off the cold British Weather take a look at Blue Melon.

Both neighbours had lovely fireworks, thanks for the free display ;)

This is a photo of my Blue Melon Hat

On Saturday I went shopping in Cardiff and headed to Spillers Records to see what new stock they had in and had lunch in Wallys. (post to follow on this)

This is a photo of Spillers Records in Cardiff

Amy kindly invited me along to Cardiff Comicon with her on Saturday afternoon. I loved seeing everyone so dressed up and I'm definitely going to go as Osgood next time. I've never done any cosplay before but why not ey? It's pretty surreal seeing some of your favourite cast members from shows like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who in the flesh, I hope the Cardiff event grows. Doctor Who and Sherlock are both made in Cardiff so it would be great to see more panel discussions from cast and crew here like they have in the big San Diego Comicon.

What did you get up to last week?

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  1. Ah wow look at all that food Gem!

  2. That food look incredible. The hot dogs especially.

  3. Oh em gee what a feast!! That looks so good

  4. That first picture of the all the food....I want to smash all of that in my face immediately.

  5. Oh wow that all looks amazing. Sounds like you had a great time :)

  6. Your cooking looks delish.... and how do you get the photos of the sparklers like that???

  7. BAKED CAMEMBERT AND TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS - say WHAAAAT? Where was my invite...?! That sounds amazing and LOOKED incredible x

  8. seems you have 'd an amazing week :)


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