Boohoo Plus NYE party outfit

By Gem - 20:30:00

Dress: c/o Boohoo Plus - Shoes: New Look - Clutch bag: Vivienne Westwood

I was completely terrified by this dress. I've never worn anything tight in my life and I've never even tried on a body con dress. Us plus size girls are always told to avoid them like the plague, only wear flattering things and don't wear things that cling to all your wobbly bits. I tried this on, wore it to a family gathering and you know what, the world didn't end. Nobody ran away in fear because they could see a bit more of my stomach and legs on show than they normally do. 

The dress is the Leah Dress from Boohoo Plus. I sized up on for this dress because I wanted it to fall a little longer on me and not be too tight with all the Christmas food inside me. Boohoo Plus is available in sizes 16-24 and everything is very reasonably priced so if you wanted to get something new for NYE without breaking the bank I suggest you take a look. Make sure you check out how cute Nancy from Sugar, Darling? looks in her Boohoo dress too, I'm thinking of getting the same one and wearing it with chunky boots and thick tights.

The beading on the dress was hard to photograph, it glistens in the light and looks very pretty. 

I paired the dress with my go-to clutch and shoes which I wear to most parties or nights out. I can't wear skyscraper heels anymore, chunky heels all the way now. If you're a bit more adventurous than me you could pair them with a pair of classic black heels like these gorgeous shoes.

To celebrate NYE in style order from Boohoo by 8pm on 30th December. 
Have you got your NYE outfit planned yet?

What are you doing this year for NYE? 
I'm going to be staying in with Martyn but getting dressed up and making a fancy meal. 

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  1. aw Gemma you look stunning! This dress is a beaut and I love your shoes, I agree, chunky is the best way.
    I'm going to stay in as usual for NYE and hope I stay awake all the way 'til midnight :) x

  2. AMAZING. You look absolutely amazing! I know what folk say about us plus size girls not wearing tight clothes, but I actually think they're super flattering! I always look bigger in baggy clothes. I quite like how body con dresses show every curve and dip! Those shoes are ace, too. I remember seeing them on another blog and rushing to New Look to try and find them- but woe! It wasn't meant to be! xxx

  3. gem. you look vavavoom girl. seriously rocking that dress. great look for the party season xxx

  4. That looks soooo cute on you and I love those shoes too! Not at all sure what I will be wearing on NYE this year, but I doubt I'll look so good!

  5. You really suit the dress!! and the shoes match perfectly :)

  6. You look so gorgeous in this dress, those heels are fab too like a modern revamp of a classic! Thank you so much for the link too xxx

  7. You are so beautiful, you look seriously gorgeous here Gem!

    Maria xxx


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