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I've spent the past few months trying to make the house I share with Martyn feel a bit more like a home. I'm lucky to be living in rented accommodation that doesn't cost the earth so I can still afford to save to buy my own home. I don't want to spend too much on a house that isn't mine but I've been trying to add a bit more personality with pictures, some fresh new bedding and Martyn is great at hanging things up for me and assembling book shelves. 

I posted about my new home a couple of weeks after moving in and it looked a bit bare then. I had started to put my stamp on the house but I think it looks a lot better now. You can take a look and compare for yourself here.

I bought Martyn this print because we visited Tintern on his birthday and we're both huge train geeks. We had bare walls in our bedroom for months so I was glad to see this go up and add a bit of colour. The bedding was a ASDA £6 sale bargain, Martyn loves the Alps and we are going on holiday there in June so I couldn't leave it in store. I know it's not Christmas anymore but it's still ski season so it's staying on a bit longer.

It's hard to jazz up a bathroom but I found this glass bottle in a charity shop and we bought the picture whilst on holiday in Dorset last year to add some interest.

I'm a bit of a magpie so my room is fast becoming full of junk and nick nacks. My brother brought this frame back from his trip to Florida (can't believe he went to the Wizarding World without me) and I've picked up some cheap and cheerful bedside tables and bookcases from Ikea.

Some more George bedding in my room, isn't it cute?! You really need to check out their bedding because it's usually only about £12 and they always have something I like. If you're looking to make your halls of residence room a bit more pleasant or want to impress some guests using your spare room for next to nothing then bedding some budget bedding is the way to go.

I moved the old record play in my room because Martyn treated himself to a fancy new one for Christmas. He can listen to punk downstairs and I can blast Morrissey and 60s girl bands upstairs.

I bought this pink glass dressing table set from a charity shop, lego librarian is obviously drunk and has fallen over. I've got a few dressing table sets but only one dressing table, I'll have to rotate them. I just can't leave them in the charity shop for 3-4 quid.

I think the biggest improvement since I last posted  about the house has been in the kitchen. The tiles used to be brown but I forked out £50 for some white tile paint and it's really made a huge impact on the kitchen. I also painted the little cupboard white and added some eBay handles to the doors to give it a new lease of life.
There are a few more things I want to change like the strip blinds that are in some rooms which are a bit dated now but I'm trying to hold back on spending more money and put it into my house deposit and renovation fund. Most of the houses I've looked at in my budget would eventually need a new kitchen, bathroom, contemporary blinds and new flooring. I'm having to weigh things up because I'm going to be in this house for a couple of years whilst saving so I want it to be comfortable but I also want my own place to be kitted out with the best.

This hanging frame was a Wilkinsons bargain, it was about £6 and was the perfect place for me to hang my Budapest holiday photos.

The pride and joy in my kitchen is my new KitchenAid. Is it weird that I clean it more than anything else in the house? I don't like it to gather any dust. She's a beaut!

So there you have it, a closer look at my house and all my little knick-knacks. How have you made rented accommodation feel more like home? Any tips for budgeting and saving for a house?

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  1. I have made my rented place feel like home but I want to paint. I know the landlord would do it if I asked but they painted the bathroom and it's not very neat. Also, they did it magnolia rather than white. I'm lucky that the fixtures and fittings are nice. I love what you've done. The kitchen looks great!

    1. That would annoy me, bathrooms are definitely white. My landlord is Martyn's bandmate so he's pretty relaxed about us painting. Thanks :) I like making it girly and Martyn is very handy and does most of the work.

  2. Looks so cosy! I can't do much with my rented flat and I live with two men who are so unfussed about decoration and making things look nice. When I moved in they were gobsmacked at how I'd rearranged everything and actually made it look lived in!

    1. Martyn lived in the house before me and I moved in and put cushions and photo frames and throws EVERYWHERE! Men rarely pull it all together and do 'cosy' xx

  3. I just can't leave those dressing table sets behind either although I only have all clear ones. After some colour!

  4. Oh that dressing table set is beautiful! You've put such a lovely stamp on the place x

  5. Looks great! Love your bits & pieces! I've got the exact same mirror and wallpaper haha!

  6. I love getting peaks into other peoples homes, I know that might sound a little weird but peoples homes are so interesting, it's like a peak into their lives and their interests. Everything looks so organized and clean. Your bedding is adorable and I love that pink glass dressing tray. Charity shops are my favorite, I'm a little addicted actually. I have too much stuff....

    Anywho, kitchenaids are the best, mine is cherry red and I love her. I think I named her but I forgot the name... how dudebro of me.


  7. I love having a peek inside people's places, especially at all the little bits and pieces that make a house a truly cosy home. I lived in rented accommodation for years and years before saving enough to buy my house: throws, cushions and lots of plants were my go-to, as well as plenty of books (it's just not a home without books).

  8. I love that bedding - both of them! Personalising rented flats was also so important to me, having nice things around me gives me a sense of belonging.

  9. love the cushions and yes to the at hand tray such a great idea i need one of those when i get my new home with dressing table in it x

  10. Your home is so lovely, I love the little touches like the prints :)

    Maria xxx

  11. HI from Canada! I love your plaid scarf! My grandpa was from Scotland and my grandma from England. So, I love red and black plaid anything! Your home is so clean, neat, and tidy. Love the Eifel tower too.

  12. It's looking so lovely Gem, I'm very jealous of you having your own space to decorate! Also glad you said that about the ski bedding - I'm about to get another go out of mine and I figure it's ok as it's still technically winter!

  13. Love your home Gem - it's looking a lot more personal now and the bedding is ace! I love how both you and Martyn are vinyl lovers. Kinda jealous of your Smiths vinyl. Ahhh! x x x


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