(Very late) 2015 Goals

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I didn't make any New Years Resolutions in January because I wanted them to be considered and well thought out rather than a snap decision on January 1st. How many times have we all said that we will be healthier, happier and fitter in the New Year without any real thought of how we will achieve it all?
I've had some time to think "Where do I want to be in 12 months?" and I think I've come up with some do-able things which I can definitely make happen.

1. Explore more of Wales by foot and bike

Photo of the Brecon Beacons in Wales

I climbed Pen y Fan last year, cycled around West Wales and went on walks in the woods in Usk with my friends along with lots of other walks .I really want to continue this more in 2015 and see more of my lovely country whilst getting some fresh air and good exercise. Martyn bought me a rather nice red bike for my birthday last year and I've definitely not got enough use out of it so if I'm aiming to go on one long bike ride a month and use my bike for some short rides in the evening after work.

2. Cook more from scratch

I'm not a ready meal kind of girl and I make all the meals in my house but I'd like to vary things a bit more and eat a more 'clean' diet. I've become a bit too reliant on a handful of trusty recipes and I'd like to try one new recipe a week. I treated myself to a Good Food subscription for inspiration. My partner likes to eat a lot of meat and things like pies and sausages but I'm hoping I can come up with a few lean dishes which we will both enjoy.

3. Start juicing again

My skin never look as good as it did for the few weeks I tried juicing last year. I didn't do any faddy detox juice diets but by replacing just one meal a day with a juice or adding it to my breakfast my skin glowed and my vegetable intake doubled.

4. Take a relaxing break

I tend to go on city breaks, weekends away with friends and cram as much in as I can which doesn't leave me very relaxed on my return to work. I've booked a week off work in March to relax on the coast in West Wales in front of a log fire and just sit and read books. I rarely get time to just sit back and I don't get to share many days with my partner because he works nights and weekends in retail whilst I'm in 10-6. I'm really looking forward to unwinding, not being surrounded by technology and it just being the two of us. I think relaxing and getting away from it all can really benefit your well being and health so it's a good excise to book lots of breaks away.

Did you set any goals for this year? How are you getting on with them?

*Legal & General asked me to share my 2015 health goals

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  1. I've booked a week in Barcelona in August purely for a relaxation trip. I'm hoping we can get the tourist things done in a few days and then we can just mooch around at the beach and sit on our roof terrance. It's the best of both worlds then!

  2. Great goals Gem, I really want to see more of Wales, we went to North Wales last year as part of that and it was great. We have loads of plans for this Summer of getting out seeing our Country and going for walks with baby, who knows whether it will happen or not though!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  3. These goals are kind of similar to mine, especially the exploring more one. I live in Edinburgh and I really only know the city centre, I need to actually venture outside it for some breathing space and the views! I'm having a little bit of trouble sticking to mine this year though, so good luck with yours!

    Kirsty x - hellozelda.com

  4. Juicing more sounds positive, I got into it but ended up getting stomach aches cos i was having too much.

    Buckets & Spades

  5. I love the sound of exploring Wales, I really need to visit this year!

    Maria xxx

  6. Excellent goals! All really achievable and measurable. There is SO much of Wales to explore, we keep finding these little nooks. Great fun. x

  7. 2015 definitely has to be about exploring. It's funny, I used to be scared of visiting new places - but now I feel far more adequate than ever before. I'm more than certain you will find much fulfilment, happiness and joy in 2015 Gem! x x x


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