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I've posted about my unusual accommodation on my recent trip to West Wales, I loved our train carriage holiday let and didn't want to leave but I did mange to head out and do some exploring in the local area whilst on my holiday. Our accommodation was right on the coast path in Aberporth and Tresaith was only a 3-4 mile round trip so Martyn and I decided to brave the strong winds and head out for a coastal stroll.

Tresaith is between Aberporth and Llangranog and is part of the Ceredigion Heritage Coastline which and offers some stunning views. There are lots of regular sightings of grey seals and dolphins in the area, especially when the waters get a little warmer in the summer.

I love the local legend that says a king of Ireland had seven troublesome daughters. Failing to exercise control over the princesses he finally lost his patience and told his servants to put his daughters on an open boat and cast them adrift. The Irish Sea currents took the craft towards the coast of Ceredigion where it beached. The seven princesses landed safely, fell in love with the sons of seven local Welsh families, married and settled down. This is why the settlement is called Tresaith which in Welsh translates as the Town of Seven.

Lots of people had mentioned the waterfall at Tresaith beach in the guestbook at our train carriage, if we hadn't found out about it in there we might have missed it entirely as it isn't visible from the main bay of the beach. You need to stumble over rocks if the water is in or walk around them if the tide it out to see the magnificent waterfall. The Saith river tumbles over the cliff to the beach below.

The waterfall was stunning and I've never seen one on the coast before. It was well worth the walk in the cold and wind. I needed a few more layers on but I've never been one for practical clothing. Wellies kept my feet warm but were a bit slippery on the rocks and the mud along the footpath and my little leather backpack was only big enough for a tiny flask of tea so I definitely need to invest in a bigger, more sturdy backpack (maybe one from Surfdome's collection) so I can take a picnic next time and a jumper. I did once walk through a national park in New Zealand with some Topshop pumps on and a summer dress so practicality isn't my strong point.

Me and Martyn goofing around.

After drinking some tea and admiring the views Martyn and I headed back to sit in front of our log fire in our cosy carriage.  Tresaith beach has been awarded the blue flag for many years and is a great place to surf particularly in the winter so there are plenty of reasons to visit if you are in West Wales, not just to see that waterfalls. 

Have you been to Tresaith before? What are your favourite coastal destinations?

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  1. This looks like such a lovely day out! xxx

  2. You've made me fall in love with Wales Gem. Got so many places on my wish list!

    Story Of A Girl

  3. Great photos - I've only been to Llandudno and it's a pretty seaside town x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. That waterfall looks amazing! So pretty! I haven't long come back from Pembrokeshire, I've just put up some pictures of Barafundle Bay - stunning secluded beach! x

    Sun, Sea and Sara

  5. Good job you checked the guidebook, nice find!

    Buckets & Spades

  6. This looks beautiful, I love the look of that waterfall!

    Maria xxx

  7. I've never been to Wales but that looks stunning! Totally going on my places to visit in the UK!

  8. We used to have family holidays at Aberporth. The area is stunning as you say. Great photos.


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