Making the most out of your guest bedroom

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If you’re like me, your guest room will all too often merely be a storage area with a bed in it! This is a real shame as the guest bedroom should be a place where you get to show off the best of your home to your visiting family and friends.

With that in mind, I’ve made an effort to come up with a few ideas about how to spruce up the guest bedroom ready for when some friends visit later this summer.

Clear out

Before you start redesigning the room, make sure that you have a good clear out. Get rid of all of those tacky souvenirs from past holidays, banish any old clothes that may have found their way into the wardrobe, and most importantly, give everything a good cleaning down. The last thing that your guests will want to see is a layer of dust everywhere!

Neutral space

I really enjoy going to town with my interior design schemes. It’s a great way to express yourself through fun colour schemes and elaborate designs. However, the guest room should probably be a place where you don’t want to necessarily overpower your guests with your more outlandish design ideas!
So if you’re feeling energetic, then give the walls a fresh coat of paint in some subdued, neutral colours that will provide your guests with a haven of peace and tranquillity after their journey. The popular interiors site House To Home has a selection of great ideas for giving the guest room a light and airy feel and of course Pinterest is full of inspiring interior inspiration.

A place to rest

Most important of all has to be the quality of the guests’ bed. All of your design efforts can be in vain if the bed isn’t up to scratch. So I’ve found that it’s a good idea to give your guest bed a test run to see if it might be time for an upgrade.
And if you’re thinking of getting a new bed, then divan beds with a bonus storage space for bedding and towels are a great idea for overcoming any space limitations. It’s an effortless way to really make your guests feel at home.

Extra touches

Of course, it’s also important to make sure that you’re providing your guests with a personal touch too – after all, they won’t want to feel like they’re staying in a nameless hotel chain.

So dotting the room with sparse but welcoming personal effects in the form of family photographs and artwork is always a good idea. If you’re looking for some shabby-chic stylings that won’t overpower the room, the highly stylish sfgirlbybay blog has some great ideas that are contemporary and fun, and they will give your guests all they need for a relaxing yet charming stay in your home!

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  1. My spare room doesn't even have a bed in it. Just wardrobes and shoe boxes. :)


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