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I never really go on traditional beach holidays, it's just not my thing. My main holidays last year were camping in West Wales and a week in Budapest where I visited the Christmas markets in -4 temperatures. I always have to pack lots of layers and anticipate all types of weather. Packing can be a nightmare and I'm always sneaking my toiletries and shoes in to my partners case because I've filled my own. Packing for my holiday this year isn't going to be any easier because I'm going camping in Austria, just outside Zell am See. It's currently about 28 degrees there but with a couple of metres of snow up on the mountains where I will be doing lots of walking. I'll also be visiting Salzburg so want to look chic in the city but need practical clothes for walking and things to relax in when we lounge around the lake. Packing is going to take some serious planning.

I wanted my lakeside apparel to have a movie star vibe, not quite sure I'll pull off the Audrey Hepburn look but big sunglasses will certainly make me feel like a moviestar. I've gone for all black so it's easy to mix and match items. I've got some sandals and a cover up kaftan from New Look and my bag, swimming costume and hat (so my pale face doesn't go red) from Bonmarche. My bag is big enough to carry a couple of books to read by the lake, some sun tan lotion and water, perfect!

I'm travelling to my holiday destination by car so I don't have to worry about weight but not packing too much will still be a concern. Here are my top tips for making the most of your luggage allowance and saving space so you can pack essentials (and extra dresses and shoes)

My top 5 packing tips

1)  Wear your heaviest clothing to travel in, airlines weigh the luggage not the passengers. I always wear any boots I want to take or a coat to the airport and pack lighter items.
2) Do some research. Some hotels provide a hair dryer, shower gel, towels etc so you won't need to pack your own. Co-ordinate with the people you are travelling with, only one of yo uneeds to take a tube of toothpaste or shampoo. You could all share.
3)  Get a lightweight suitcase or bag. You can pick up extra light ones for under £40 so not too big an investment but if you travel a lot it could mean that you get to take an extra few items each time.
4)  Be ruthless with clothes.You can wash some clothes when you are away and you always end up not wearing baout a third of what you take.
5)  Roll, don’t fold. It takes no time at all and saves space and stops iems from creasing.Use all available space so tuck socks into shoes and small items in any gaps in your case.

Doesn't Zell am See look wonderful?! I've never been to Austria before so it's a dream trip for me. I'm looking forward to exploring the beautiful mountains and Salzburg and I know Martyn is looking forward to taking a ride on this tobogganThe combination of glaciers, mountains and lakes makes this region in SalzburgerLand perfect for my holiday with Martyn this year as both of our interests are covered.

If you really need a holiday of your own and don't have anything planned yet Bonmarche have the perfect prize for you. Follow this link for a chance to win either £3,000 worth of travel vouchers or 285 Bonmarché vouchers worth £25 each. Best of luck!

Do you do a lot of planning for your holiday? Is packing something you dread?

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  1. Love your hat! And the idea of Audrey Hepburn style too! I have been to Austria only once, and would love to go back. Have a slice of Sacher Torte for me! :)

  2. Great tips! I always try to find out if the hotel where we are staying has hairdryer and showe gel, so I don't have to take those with me.

  3. Ah Austria sounds like such a dream Gem. You're going to have such an amazing time!

  4. I bet you have an amazing time! I'm flying with hand luggage only for the first time ever this year so this post was really helpful!


  5. Zell am See looks beautiful! I have only ever done hand luggage only when we went to Edinburgh for just under a week and that was TOUGH!

    Maria xxx


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