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A Barbour Wax Jacket is one of those items of clothing which never goes out of style and as long as you keep them waxed a Barbour jacket can literally last you decades. My first ever foray into the work of Barbour was the Beadham Waxed Jacket I bought back in 2012. I had had my eye on one for a while and the history of the brand had always appealed to me. I like to buy British and Barbour have been making their products in the North East since 1894. Today the 5th generation family owned business remains in South Shields and remains true to its core values and still makes beautifully functional clothing. In total, 3,000 waxed jackets are made every week (25 per machinist). I love knowing that my waxed jacket was handmade here in the UK.

My jacket has been all over the world with me. It's reached the peak of a very windy Pen y Fan, travelled to Austria and Hungary and it always the jacket I pull on when I go out for a walk in Wales. It's also stylish enough to wear to festivals and it's had a few drinks spilled on it at Bestival and Reading Festival. My Barbour jacket is my pride and joy and could really do with a re-wax to keep it in tip top condition because it has been so well loved and well worn. It’s one of the most versatile jackets I’ve ever owned – keeping me warm when the wind’s blowing but not too warm when the sun shines and navy blue goes with pretty much everything.

After three years of pretty much continuous wear I've decided to get my jacket re-waxed and relegate it to my spare coat. I treated myself to a new coat because as much as I'm attached to my old one I fancied a change. I love Barbour jackets and I'm pretty loyal so it was completely logical to get another one. I opted for a waterproof one this time (no need to re-wax) from Outdoor and Country and I think I made a good choice. This one is a bit longer, has a pretty fancy striped lining and pairs up naturally with my wardrobe staple Joules dresses. Sometimes I even throw on my Hunter Wellington Boots at the same time for that full on town girl tries to do country look ;) I've got some lovely gloss black boots.

Are you a fan of the heritage Barbour style? What are your favourite British brands?

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  1. Looks and sounds like your Barbour jacket has served you well! Whenever I come across Barbour jackets in the shops, I end up lusting after them. Maybe one day. :)

    1. I got my second one in a sale for over half price! There are some bargains around at the moment x

  2. Ah you really can't beat a trusty barbour jacket!

  3. I often think that I should get a sensible jacket for outdoorsy things like camping.

  4. I love buying British but I've never owned a Barbour, I'll have to take a look!

  5. I think soon I need to invest in a barbour jacket, I need that throw on jacket for work and dog walks that I just don't own and it's great to hear yours has served you so well.

  6. I love my wax jacket! It is by far the warmest thing I have ever owned. Living in the sticks, the wind can whip across the fields and be so bitterly cold and thus is the only jacket that I know will keep the wind out. And it just keeps getting better as it ages, it's coat perfection!


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