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I know it's still festival season and kids haven't gone back to school yet but Autumn is approaching and the nights are starting to draw in a little earlier. I'll be heading out on my camping trips and days at the seaside less often and spending more time at home over the next few months so I want to get it looking and feeling just right. 

I've been in the house for over a year now and it is much more homely than when I moved in. I've added a lot of feminine touches to the bachelor pad I moved into and it feels a lot more 'me'. It's the first time I've ever really moved out of home apart from my student days so I didn't have much furniture to take with me. I've picked up a few bits and bobs in Ikea and charity shops because I'm on a budget and because my room looked very bare when I initially moved in. 

As you can see I've managed to fill my room and now have a place to store some of my books and put my cup of tea on when I'm reading in bed. I'm trying to pick up bits of furniture when I can so I have some of my own things when I eventually buy a house as my current house came furnished. 

I still don't have a wardrobe as they can be a pretty expensive investment so I'm making do with a rail  at the moment and a £20 charity shop dressing table. George at Asda have asked bloggers to think about how they would transform a room for Autumn (check out other posts using the #TransfAutumn on twitter) and I would do that by investing in some nice white furniture which would help my make my room seem more calm, less cluttered and mean that I don't have to store things in boxes under my bed.

I'm loving the simple Baltic range which fits in with what I already have and the deep drawers will be great for my 1000s of pairs of tights and all my accessories. I don't mind filling my room with some budget saving second hand items but it would be lovely to have something new and that matches nicely with other items in my room.

Will you be adding any items to your home this Autumn/Winter? It's definitely time for throws and candles to make you feel warm and cosy.

*A collaboration with George Home Furniture for Asda.

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  1. Can't believe you've been in there for a year! I remember reading about you moving in, doesn't seem that long ago. Your dressing table is gorgeous, can't believe it was only £20!

  2. That dressing table is amazing. I also totally love that bedding!
    Coleoftheball xx

  3. I have my eye on that dressing table Gem!

  4. It's amazing what a few pieces can really do to a room, it looks lovely and homely now! Can I ask where that bedding is from? I love it, nice and bright without being to over the top! (: x

    1. I got my bedding from George about 6 months ago :) they have the best sets for only £12 x

  5. I didn't know George sold furniture, good to know! R

  6. Loving the dressing table. I'm tempted to start looking for vintage pieces like this myself x

  7. I love the tower bridge green cushion and the duvet cover. Your place looks really individual and homey x

  8. I really love your room, it is so pretty!

    Maria xxx


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