Planning the perfect weekend at home

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There's nothing like the cold and grey days of November to make me want to stay indoors and get cosy. Whilst it might be approaching party season, it's important to save a little cash and gather your energy for the Christmas festivities. 

With that in mind, I've been busy planning my next weekend at home where I can make sure my batteries are recharged and my mind is kept stimulated with an array of home-based tasks and entertainment. 

Getting ready for Xmas

Already the shopping arcades are getting horrendously busy with people rushing to do their Christmas shopping. Rather than facing the crowds, I prefer to laze on my sofa and do a little window shopping. I love using sites such as Pinterest to get a little inspiration, and once I've decided on what presents I want to get my loved ones, I like to use Google's Honey add-on to see what voucher codes can save me some money.

Getting the home in shape for the festive season is something of a task too. But like many things, if you use your imagination and make it fun, then it can be good way to pass a couple of hours. Although I'm no craft master, I do enjoy the challenge of making some of these homemade Christmas craft items – so much more fun than fighting the crowds in the city centre!

Hi-tech home entertainment 

One of the best things about modern technology is the way in which it means we can now watch or listen to anything wherever we are. Rather than visiting expensive cinemas, you can now watch lots of movies and TV series on sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. I love indulging in some of the great American TV series that are often more immersive than the usual Hollywood movies. 

 Similarly, whilst video games once used to mean simplistic games of Mario Brothers, now there are sites like Betway that feature entertaining games like online roulette that are great fun for adding a little casino atmosphere to your otherwise relaxing weekend at home. But even if you're looking for a way to game in retro-style, then you can play lots of old Sega games like Sonic the Hedgehog online for free via your web browser that'll reacquaint you with the joys of gaming like yesteryear!

Food and Drink

Staying at home also has the great prospect of filling up the fridge full of goodies to keep you fuelled over the lazy weekend. Whilst it can be tempting to indulge in endless amounts of sweets and crisps, I've been trying to create a few healthy and nutritious snacks such as some yummy blueberry and banana muffins that are perfect for making that long and cosy afternoon all the more delicious! 

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