Christmas Day Dress

By Gem - 09:00:00

Dress: c/o Bon Prix - Necklace: Punky Pins - Shoes: New Look

Even though I spend Christmas at home and don't really have visitors I still like to make a bit of an effort and wear something fun. I'm in work most of the time and don't really go on nights out anymore (much prefer a night in with some tea and a movie in my old age) so it's nice to have a reason to get dressed up. This year I'm going to be wearing this lovely dress in festive red with some added sparkle from the Bon Prix party wear range. It's available on next day delivery so still time to get one for yourself before Christmas but I recommend sizing up if you're full across the top. I've also spotted Perelandra wearing a shimmery Bon Prix number and looking smoking hot. 

Do you like to get dressed up at Christmas or do you spend a whole week in your PJs?

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  1. Ooh just look at you pretty lady! Red is totally your colour!

  2. Your dress is gorgeous, I'm really into sparkles at the moment!

  3. love the necklace! you look great x

  4. I have literally just posted about dressing up v down for Christmas day - up for me! This is a proper festive dress, love it xx

  5. That dress looks lovely on you! For me Xmas day is all about PJs!

    Saz // Oh Dollymix

  6. Well I'd be happy having you standing at my tree - dressed like that Gem! You look gorgeous and red truly suits you.
    BABE BABE BABE x100 xx

  7. The dress looks gorgeous, I love how festive it looks! xx

  8. I do love getting dressed for Christmas since we got to church in the morning. I am loving the dress and it's nice to get dressed.

  9. Hi. You look so pretty in red. It is fun to get dressed up isn't it? I love to too.


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