Valentine’s – what counts, the thought or the price tag?‏

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I've never really been one for celebrating Valentines Day, I spent the day with Sarah last year and will be doing the same again this year (sorry Martyn). I don't need a designated day to show my love for someone but I did enjoy getting into the spirit of things by making my home nice and cosy ready for a night in with a good movie, a slice of cake and my loved one this weekend. 

You don't need to spend a fortune to get something lovely and thoughtful for your partner or create a special night in. Two dine in for £10, get cosy under a blanket in your PJs ready to watch your favourite movie and voilà, you're sorted. Well that's what I did anyway...

Julien MacDonald PJs

love heart fairy lights

My PJs and pretty lantern were both from Matalan who have created a Valentines Gift Guide with plenty of budget ideas. The sponge recipe is super simple and can be found here, I just added some jam and coconut because it is much easier then trying to ice a cake. I didn't want to be getting worked up about piping icing when I was supposed to be having a relaxing evening in.

picture of a red jam sponge cake

Why not gift something or plan something a little bit different this year? I would say go on a picnic but Storm Imogen is approaching the UK and a picnic would be a total wash out but why not try one of the following: go to a gig, plan a road trip, create a scrapbook filled with special moment or just take some time out from a busy working week to be alone with someone you love for  few hours with no distractions(turn your phone off!)?

I hope you all enjoy February 14th no matter what your plans are, single, married or totally against the whole thing. 


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  1. i totally agree on the not spending a lot! spending time with each other is enough, not just on valentines, but other days too

  2. those lights are so cute! I'm not a V-Day believer, I much prefer random acts of love, it's the thought that counts and V-Day seems too forced for me

  3. Nice photos! I totally agree on the night in, sounds much better than going out on this particular day haha.

    meimei xx

  4. I've been married 10 years this year, we used to be quite good at celebrating valentines but to be honest now I'm not too fussed. I agree that a dine in meal and a nice bottle of red will got the bill nicely!

  5. I am liking the look of the cake and now having said I want nothing for Valentines Day, I am regretting that comment!

  6. I did a photo scrapbook for my other half and he loved it!


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