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Can you believe I've never eaten sushi at a restaurant before? I think I've picked up a pack at M&S for lunch and tried a few bits at an event but I've never been able to try out a variety of dishes so I was really looking forward to my trip to the Cardiff branch of YO!Sushi.  

There are loads of choices which suit a well seasoned sushi aficionado or a sushi newbie like myself. If you are a little put off by the idea of raw fish then you can try some tempura, a salad, soup or vegetable roll. If you were like me before my first visit and aren't too sure how it all works in store I can assure you it is super simple. All dishes are freshly prepared and you can see them being made in front of you. If you want a particular dish on the menu but can’t see it on the belt, just press the call button and a member of staff will pop over and take your order. You can help yourself to water from the taps on the tables and green tea comes with unlimited refills. 

I sampled some new dishes on the menu but was also able to try some old favourites like the katsu curry. I thought of my meal like Japanese tapas, I got to have a little bit of everything rather than being stuck with only one option and being jealous of what my friends were eating or having regrets about my choices.

this is a photo of katsu curry japanese food

The Clam & Enoki Miso Soup - Shiro miso broth with clams in their shell, enoki mushrooms, wakame, spring onion and shichimi powder was light and refreshing after a heavy katsu dish, perfect for someone with more adventurous tastes.

this is a picture of clam miso soup yo!sushi japanese

Okonomiyaki which is a savoury cabbage filled pancake with loads of toppings and smoked bonito tuna flakes was a highlight for me and under 150 calories. I also loved a slow braised pork belly dish with a sweet sauce and rice called Buta No Kakuni. If you're after something spicy I highly recommend the dynamite rolls, they got their name for a reason!

If you want to try one of the new items on the menu now is a really good time to go because there is a free dish on offer if you spend over £10 (voucher here)

I really enjoyed my first trip to YO!Sushi, if you want to visit you can find your local store here.

*I was a guest at YO!Sushi but all views and words are my own

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  1. I adore sushi and have had it in quite a few restaurants in London but am still yet to try Yo Sushi! Madness when I've heard such good things about the chain!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. I adore sushi and love to head to Yo Sushi for Blue Mondays :) I love the Katsu, always a choice for me... Glad you enjoyed your first visit!

  3. I love sushi and have tried several restaurants but have yet to go to Yo Sushi. Your food looked lush.

  4. I've been to YoSushi a few times before and really enjoyed, especially their Monday offer! :)

  5. I love YoSushi, I haven't been for ages though so must arrange to go again!
    I end up eating so much ha those little bowls are just too tempting.


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