Sunday, 18 December 2016

Have a pet safe Christmas

My fur baby Sookie is seven years old now and she is spoilt rotten by everyone in the family. I always try to buy her love by giving her the most treats so she will come and sit by me and give me cuddles. I think most dog owners are tempted to treat our furry loved ones to whatever we’ve been indulging on but beware! Not all human foods are safe for you dog and what you think might be a nice treat for them may make them ill. 

There are quite a few human foods to avoid feeding to your dog but there are some Christmas staples  that your dog can safely eat in moderation.

Doggy dinner approved

Turkey - Your dog can eat turkey but make sure you remove the bones.

Potatoes - Dogs can have a little potato but don't give them any with added salt or butter. 

Vegetables - Your dog can eat vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, sprouts, peas and cauliflower etc

Fruit - These can be high in sugar and acidic, which can upset your dog's stomach. Give this in moderation with stones removed. The fruit to avoid is rhubarb as the stalks and also its leaves are toxic to canines.

Don’t feed to your dog

Chocolate - AVOID AT ALL COSTS. It contains Theobromine which can be deadly to canines, even in small amounts. Keep it well out of their reach at all times.

Turkey or chicken skin - This contains a lot of fat which can cause inflammation of the pancreas.

Gravy - Very tasty poured over the dogs dried food but gravy made with animal fat and stock is far to fatty and salty for your dog.

Onions and garlic - Onions are a definite no no as they are poisonous to dogs. A little bit of garlic is not toxic to your dog it can have a dangerous cumulative effect so best to avoid sneaking your dog a stuffing ball.

Turkey bones - They are hollow and can easily splinter and get stuck in your dogs throat. 

Grapes and dried fruits such as raisins, currants, sultanas - These can be fatal to dogs, even in small amounts. It's best to avoid giving your dog any mince pies or Christmas cake as these contain a lot of dried fruit. 

Milk and dairy products - My dog LOVES cheese but research has shown that dogs are lactose intolerant. 

If you want more tips for keeping your dogs in tip top shape over Christmas head over the RSPCA guide here which includes more info including how to make your own treats and how to dog proof your home.

I hope you and your furry loved ones have a lovely Christmas, if you're dressing them up in cute jumpers feel free to sent me a photo on twitter because I love nothing more than wasting hours of my life looking at photos and videos of dogs on the internet. 

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  1. I didn't even think about what Christmas dinner you could give to your dog, so nice that they can be included x

  2. This is so important! With Dalmatians, it's even more complicated because they need to have low purine foods or it could cause urinary stones. It's believed they're the only breed, so we're extra careful with our two! x

  3. Benji will be having some turkey and potatoes this year with us. I will make sure to avoid the gravy tho!

  4. Aww Sookie is gorgeous! This is a very helpful post for pet owners x

  5. This was quite an interesting read, whilst we don't own a dog, we will give the cats some turkey on Christmas day!

  6. Our dogs will try to eat most things but I try not to feed them any "human" food; they are on a raw diet so I guess some extra pig trotter as a Christmas treat will do perfectly :-)

  7. Aww, how cute is your dog?! This is a really helpful post for pet owners. I've just shared it with a few friends :)

    Louise x


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