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The Celtic Manor is a five star luxury travel destination which is just a short drive from my house. Obama stayed there during the NATO summit hosted in the UK a few years ago (super fancy) and I have visited the resort previously for an afternoon tea and a spa treatment. 

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the launch of The Mulberry Bar which is the latest  addition to the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales. The Celtic Manor hope the new bar will be an exclusive stop off for a pre-dinner cocktail, the perfect spot for an evening hideaway, or the ideal excuse for a glass of champagne for those staying at the resort. 

The bar is hidden away from the main atrium of the hotel and has a plush décor, subtle lighting and comfy corners to settle into and enjoy a tipple or two.  When we arrived my friend and I were greeted by friendly and knowledgable staff who proceeded to explain the variety of drinks on offer from Champagne and gin to creative cocktails, made the bar's mixology experts. 

The drinks we enjoyed were not your high street pre-mixed affair, these cocktails all had an element of performance and drama. 

The first drink we tried was the house special - a Mulberry Spritz. The drink contained vodka infused mulberries, mulberry jam, Blackberry Pimm’s, a hint of elderflower and wine which was added to the mix by being poured through the ice cuvée. This was delicious and light and I could easily have had three. 

I loved the spritz but the champagne cocktail, the Candy Floss Royal was equally as tasty. It came served with a fluffy cloud of pink candy floss in a martini glass, which melts when you pour over the dessert wine and champagne mix revealing strawberries underneath. I was worried this drink would be too sweet but it was just right. 

One drink I would love to return to try is the Tom Collins which comes served with laughing gas!

I was really impressed with the extensive list of spirits available at the bar including Welsh and Japanese whiskey but as a gin lover the sight of the well stocked gin cart made me very excited indeed. They had a selection of gins from all over the world which included my all time favourite Rock Rose gin from the Scottish highlands. 

The staff took the time to explain all the different gins to us and were able to recommend the perfect gin and tonic combinations based on our tastes and I tried the really unique Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin. This French gin is handcrafted in small batches only being made from the finest botanicals including saffron, one of the most expensive botanicals on the planet. The amber colour of the gin was really eye catching and the main taste was still juniper and I'm glad the saffron was a more subtle taste and scent and wasn't too overbearing. This would be perfect paired with a classic Indian tonic water and orange peel. 

I really enjoyed my evening at the new Mulberry Bar and would definitely return for a special occasion. A visit wouldn't be a regular occurrence as these cocktails are certainly not 2 for £10 but I wouldn't mind splashing out and treating myself to delicious drinks, in relaxed surroundings all whilst being accompanied by a pianist that formerly performed at the Dorchester.

*Our drinks were complimentary in return for an honest review. All words and thought are my own. 

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  1. Oh my it sounds amazing, and the drinks look fantastic. Definitly sounds like a very calm and enjoyable environment.

  2. I'm not a drinker but could be tempted by the look of these! Looks and sounds like a great place to visit, even if it is a little pricey x

  3. I love a nice cocktail or two. These sound pretty good, especially the candyfloss one

  4. Oh wow that does look amazing! I love cocktail bars for special occasions, yes they can be quite pricey but they are usually always delicious!

  5. I really like the Celtic Manor and this bar and drinks look fabulous! I'm a big fan of a cocktail so I'll have to remember to pop by - the laughing gas one sounds amazing!

  6. This place sounds amazing. I recently went to a Gin evening and loved it :) there is so much to learn with alcohol and i find it all so fascinating. I am a huge Bramble lover as well, yummy x

  7. I'm staying there next week with my sisters. It will be my first time, so reading this post is perfect timing. I may have to try a Mulberry Spritz, sounds delicious. i'm excited, because I don't really know what to expect. x


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