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I must admit that my underwear drawer is in a sorry state at the moment. I was so busy with the wedding last year and it's been a busy year in work so far, underwear shopping is really low on my to-do list. I know you are supposed to hand wash and air dry underwear but I'm too busy (watching Netflix) to do this and chuck it all in the washing machine which is not good for the elastic. 

UK Lingerie came to rescue me from greying, saggy underwear and sent a couple of classic items to try out. What really holds the key to a well polished outfit is what you wear underneath and the items I was sent really do help me create a sophisticated silhouette. 

So many of my bras are now out of shape with bands that aren't firm enough to hold me in place. Wearing the Sculptress bra was like a breath of fresh air. The Panache Sculptress range is created with the fuller bust in mind and all items are for a D cup or above. This focus on a fuller cup means they are designed perfectly with wide straps that don't dig in and multiple panels to create a lift and separation which you don't find in budget bras. 

This particular design has full coverage and support, but as the upper half is sheer with a pretty polka dot design it feels feminine and delicate despite being a piece of heavy engineering designed to keep you in place. It's both comfortable and supportive and gives my back a much needed break as being top heavy means I often suffer with back ache.

I highly recommend the Sculptresse by Panache Candi Full Cup Bra. This underwired full cup bra offers a great shape and design. I would consider sizing up as the band is quite tight but other than that I can't really find a fault. 

I must admit that in the past I've not been a fan of shapewear. It can be uncomfortable, stuffy and makes it so difficult to go to the toilet. I'm also not too keen on trying to cover up perceived faults or 'problem areas' but I do like a smooth line under my clothes and vpl is a big no-no for me. 

The High Power Panties by Spanx are nothing like previous shapewear I've owned and are light, comfortable and breathable enough to wear all day as regular underwear. They are even easy to get off and on, no more wrestling with your undies in the toilet cubicle or trying to figure out how to wee through the hole. (The things we go through, ey?)

The waistband sits directly under your bra and the panties are long enough for my 5ft6 frame and would stretch further. The non slip band inside is genius and means they don't roll down and get tangled in my tights. Hurrah! The high waistband also means there's no fat trying to escape over the top and the material feels more like tights than traditional Spanx so you stay nice and cool throughout the day.

I feel like a underwear drawer spring clean is well overdue, so long to greying underwear and hello to a few more pairs of high power panties!

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  1. I definitely love splurging on nice underwear - there's no better feeling than having a nice set

  2. Buying new, pretty underwear always feels like such a treat doesn't it! I actually really want to get me some Spanx, you've pursuaded me now!

  3. I haven't heard of this brand before but I'm in need of some new underwear, might have to take a look.

  4. Uk Lingerie is a great brand and they also have tights and swimwear which I would recommend checking out as well! I love that you found some lovely shapewear as well as underwear too :)

  5. I have a pretty panty obsession. I've never tried this brand but would like to.

  6. The high power panties sound great, I always find shapewear so uncomfortable

  7. It's really important to find good under garments that make you feel comfortable through the day. Glad to know that this brand knows their stuff and that they have great products to offer! Love it!

  8. I need a spring clear out too! Glad that these were comfortable for you. They certainly look it!


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