South Wales Blogger Meet Up - The Day

By Gem - 19:56:00

I'm going to split the event in to the day and evening parts because I met so many lovely girls and it was such a busy day I don't think I can cram it all in to one post!

I barely slept the night before the meet up, I kept on making lists in my head and thinking of things that I should have done. I only have a few dresses that still fit me at the moment so I didn't have to think too hard about what to wear. I wore my red lace dress with flats, scarf and a cardi to make is casual for the day and added some red lippy and took off the cardi and scarf in the night for a more glam look.

I met up with my partner in crime Chantelle to pack the goodie bags before the event and when I saw how big the room was I was a little daunted and started to worry about people not turning up.
I met Rosie , Rai, and Melanie at the train station and we all headed to BB's Coffee and Muffins which has the nicest interior of any coffee shop in Cardiff city centre. We met Chantelle, Sarah, Lowri, Amy, Kate Lousie and Louise.

Everything  in BB's is black, white and pink with a hit of lime, there is loads of glitter and comfy chairs. So much nicer then all the boring Starbuck's interiors. We all tucked in to some tasty muffins (I chose blueberry) and I was very jealous of some of the girls hot chocolate which came with marshmallows mmm! All the muffins are baked in store that day and mine was still warm, best I've had for a long time.

We were in BB's for nearly 2 hours just chatting away, mainly about the fact that leggings must not be worn as trousers (it's jsut wrong!) and then headed off for some shopping in the arcades and Urban Outfitters. It was a cheap day out for me, I only bought powder but Lowri went a bit mad in UO and got a gorgeous cardi, can't wait to see what she puts it with.

I started to get lots of messages around 5.45pm asking where to meet for the evening event and panic started to set in again. I wondered what the St David's team had done with the room since I left them at 3pm and if everyone was going to turn it. I was not disappointed....

Part 2 later coming later in the week!

P.S. if you posted about the event please let me know, I want to snoop at all of your lovely photos :)

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  1. Aww... Love the picture! I'm so glad I bought that cardi.. wore it yesterday and got so many compliments! Totally recommend BB Muffins, it was AMAZING!! :) Especially loved the free stickers haha!

    Had such a lovely day... THANK YOU SO MUCH for organising it :) We should all definitely meet up again!

    The Deer Head


  2. I'm so jealous that I didn't come in the day, I need to visit BB soon! x

  3. That muffin looks delicious! People wearing leggings as trousers is one of my pet peeves too, it never looks ok! x

  4. No problem Lowri, deffo organising a social meet up again before Christmas even if it is just meeting for coffee :)

    BB's is fab, will be going there again for sure.

    Caroline, we are so right!

  5. BB's muffins are always so good! Totally agree that leggings should NOT be worn as trousers. Can't wait to see your evening post xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  6. Looks like so much fun! I love meetup posts. x hivenn

  7. That coffee shop sounds lovely, pink and black are my favourite colours! The muffin looks so good, and I definitely wouldn't have been able to restrain myself from the hot chocolate with marshmallows!

  8. What pretty girls, sounds like a fabulous time and I love the decor of the place you guys went to!

  9. Sounds like you had a good day! I'm off to my first blogger meet in November.. pretty excited x


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