Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Paris - Disneyland

If you follow me on twitter/instagram you will have already been bombarded with Paris related photos but I'm going to show you some more because Camille took some amazing photos of our trip to Disneyland and it would be shame not to share them with you. I really wish I could capture things like she does but I'm the least artistic person ever... If you're reading this, 'Hi Camille! I love these photos'


My smile is hiding the fact that I was freezing, so cold in Paris this weekend brrrrr!

My friend Julien who I stayed with for the weekend.



Big kids, 25 but I still love Mickey.




The parade celebrating 20 years of Disneyland Paris.



Mad Hatter's Tea Party


Space Mountain

I went to Disney in Florida twice as a child and have fond memories of meeting Jasmine and Ariel when I still kind of believed that it was all real. Disney doesn't quite have the same appeal when you're an adult but you know what, I'm a big kid and The Little Mermiad is one of my all time favourite films (not ashamed to admit it) and I had a lovely day. I have another post about Paris and the Marais district later on in the week to share with you so hopefully you're not bored of my Paris photos after this.

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  1. Oooh, I love all the pictures. I hope I get to go to the Paris Disneyland some day, I've been to Disney World but I don't think I appreciated the trip enough. You look really beautiful.


  2. I go every year, I hope you had a great time!xx

  3. Great photos, looks like fun! xx

  4. Great photos, I wish I was more artistic too.
    I look forward to the next Paris post. Xx

    1. I think I need Camille to come on all my trips to take photos for me!

  5. What a lovely way to spend a birthday, I've actually never been to any Disneyland, sad times!! xx

    1. Such a nice way to spend the day and if you're already in Paris is so easy to get to x

  6. OMG YOU MET MICKEY! Isn't he just the most adorable thing (erm mouse) in the whole world? I loved him to bits! Best meet/greet ever.
    This is bringing back so many memories for me, I will always have a special place in my heart for Disneyland Paris ♥
    Love the pics too - the one of you on the ride is beautiful xxx

    1. I got you a postcard :) couldn't find a stamp in Paris though so hopefully send it out this week.

      Thank you, Camille takes lovely photos xx

  7. Great pictures!! But I have to disagree, I think Disney has the same appeal no matter what age - or am I just a big kid? I went for my 21st last year and had the best time ever. Its the place of dreams at the end of the day :)

    Looking forward to more Paris related posts.

    chelseyxlou.blogspot.co.uk xo

  8. It looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  9. You look beautiful! This looks like you had the best time!

    Maria xxx

  10. I love Paris! Been twice last year and can't wait to go again. Haven't ventured into Disneyland .... yet! But blogged about my first trip. x Gem (new follower) wwwblackstarrynight.blogspot.co.uk

  11. Haha, thank you for the lovely comment, I'm glad that you like the pics :)

  12. Such amazing photos. Your friend is a great photographer . You look lovely in the photos too xx

  13. So Jel! I want to meet Mikey! Looks like you had a gret time beaut xx

  14. Damn, really want to go now! Gorgeous photos. I haven't been to Disney Paris for 8 years but I'm going Florida to see Mickey in September - 24 years old and seriously can't wait! :) x

  15. Eeek I love that you're still a big kid at heart! :) The parade looks amazing, I was obsessed with Lion King when I was little (and still now, a lot, really). Making me excited for my Parisian jaunt in a couple of weeks too :) xxx

  16. 20th Anniversary and now the 25th !! Good timing! :)

  17. Seems like you have really a lot in the disneyland. If you are thinking of going it again then, read the details of Disneyland Paris Holiday Guide and explore the place.


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