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By Gem - 16:34:00

Birthday parties, a trip to London, a refurbishment in work, going to yoga & the gym and making sure I leave time to hang out with Martyn and see my friends has taken it's toll on me over the past month. I've been off work for a few days as I've got a bad case of shingles. Boohoo. Apparently shingles can appear if you're feeling a bit run down or stressed so I've had a few days at home to myself and I've done all the things I love but don't normally have the time too. (Except I had to do it with a tingly right hand side and a rash)

I made Martyn a chocolate orange cake because I like to bake but hate chocolate orange so I didn't eat any of it. All the baking fun without the calories, wooo.

chocolate orange cake

I've watched over 30 episodes of Gilmore Girls and I'm now making loads of pop culture references and speaking faster than the speed of light. Luke > all the other men in Stars Hollow, why does it take Lorelai take so long to figure this out?! I've seen every episode at least 4 times now and I never get bored.

Gilmore Girls

I've done a bit of shopping in bed and have ordered these gorgeous heart shoes beauties as a little treat to myself, a girl can never have too many pairs of heels right?

Had a lie in and made my favourite brunch, baked eggs.

baked eggs

I've tried to take in as many vitamins as possible by using my new juicer. Vitamins will make me well again, right? Having shingles is no fun at all.


Before the ever-so-fun shingles I went to see Martyn's band support Masked Intruder. I don't get to go out as much as I used to and Martyn works most weekends so I had a blast at this gig and it I really enjoyed dancing to this.

I also went out book shopping WITHOUT MY PHONE. Can you imagine that? I didn't check twitter the entire way to Cardiff on the train, I didn't post any photos on instagram and I walked around with two hands free to look at books. I bought a guide to Budapest (I just booked a holiday there) and a geeky book about the London Underground. I'm thinking of going out minus a phone more often.

I'm really looking forward to being well rested and heading to Bath for an overnight trip next weekend and hosting a blogger meet up at Pettigrew Tea Rooms on Sunday.

How do you fit it all in? Work, friends, fun. Being an adult is tricky isn't it?

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  1. Ah I desperately need a slice of that cake Gem!

  2. Oh my god, how can you HATE chocolate orange? I'm hungry just looking at it, send some over this way please! x

    The Little Things

    1. I've never liked it, can't go wrong with unadulterated milk chocolate or some Galaxy ;)

  3. I'm susceptible to Shingles, so sympathise. The cake looks good. it's the other way around in our house, I like orange flavoured cake, but CT hates it - sigh!

  4. Oh shingles are awful, I had them a few years ago and they were so painful! Hope you feel better soon, it sounds like you had a few week despite it though!

    Maria xxx

  5. That cake looks to die for!

  6. Oh, I love chocolate orange. I seem to have gone off chocolate recently but I think choc orange might be an exception to that rule. I usually get one for Xmas in my stocking. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you :) I always get white choc buttons in mine yum!

  7. that cake though girl. yummy xo

  8. Ah hope your feeling much better soon, if anything can help a bookshop can lol and of course a slice of that gorgeous cake (shame you couldn't have any!!)

  9. Oh no! Shingles is no fun at all! It really is hard to fit it all in, add to the mix a toddler and it gets a whole lot trickier, I wish someone had told me before having Boo that it's ok to say no... it really is. Hope you feel better soon x


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