#SimplyBeReal - My fashion nightmare

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The Simply Be campaign named #SimplyBeReal has made me chuckle a few times already when I've seen posts about it on twitter. Illustrators have been recreating the 'real moments' women experience in everyday life. Fashion doesn't always to go as planned and I've had a fair few fashion disasters in my life so I had a hard time narrowing it down to one moment to bring to life in an illustration.

I've been working in the library sector for over five years now and what I wore was never a problem when I worked in public libraries with low shelving. I started working at a University library just over 4 years ago (you can read about that here) and that's where the problems began...

My job is a bit more physical than people imagine, I'm crawling around on the floor fixing problems with computer cables and shelving books on step ladders. My embarrassing fashion moment came when I was shelving some books in the library up on one of the high shelves whilst wearing a rather short skater skirt. A patron walked past and whispered to her friend that she could see right up my skirt and I was mortified. My face turned a violent shade of red and I've not been able to wear short skirts to work since.

I'm a midi skirt fan now and only wear dresses below the kneed to avoid any further embarrassment. 

My illustration was created by the wonderful Anke Weckmann and I love how she has captured me and my story. What to you think?

I would love to hear your funny stories, fond memories and fashion mishaps so please share them with me in the comments or by using the #SimplyBeReal tag.

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  1. lol this has made me chuckle! I used to always wear tunic style tops but since my son has been tall enough he has started lifting them up or hiding underneith them making it look like im wearing a tent or lashing my pants. No more tunics for me lol! x

  2. I did work experience at school in a fabric shop and thought nothing of wearing my little red skirt...turns out they wanted me to help with the window display that day and they wouldn't allow me in the window bending and such like with that short skirt on!

  3. ha thats so embarrassing, i wore a shirt dress and was walking along and saw some students staring me and I looked down and about 3 were undone and my bra was on show!

  4. Well I've certainly done the knickers tucked into skirt trick a few times...


  5. Oh no, that's really embarassing! I've had a few knicker-flashing related mishaps but the first one that stands out in my mind was when I was in Year 2, we used to do PE in our knickers and vests and the elastic went in my knickers and my knickers fell down in front of my whole class. I can still hear the absolute roar of laughter in my head that erupted at that moment, 28 years on!

  6. I LOVE your illustration! I was SO embarrassed at work the other day when I trapped my skirt into my knickers, luckily my colleague noticed and told me before I went back out into the office :S

    Maria xxx


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