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There is a great 3 for 2 offer on make up in Boots at the moment which I couldn't resist so I popped in on my way home after work on Saturday and got myself some nail polish. I loved the Models Own champagne colour I won in a giveaway before so much that I decided to get three Models Own polishes rather than mixing the brands.

I got-

Red Red Wine, Smash Up Silver and Blue Lagoon.

I love my Barry M Nail Effects in black but it can be quite a harsh look so I picked up the silver smash up polish which I hoped would be a little more subtle. I tried it out on one nail before I painted them in the lovely blue lagoon colour and I was a little disappointed, it doesn't crack as well at the Barry M polish and you can't see much of the colour underneath. I really couldn't get good a photo of it but here is one from another blog-

The silver wasn't very high shine,more matte which I quite liked. Have you tried any of the Models Own Smash Up crackle polishes?

The Blue Lagoon colour looks fab on (even nicer if you aren't messy like me) it's got a nice shimmer to it and you only need 2 coats.
I had my nails painted professionally recently and they sprayed my nails with a dryer like this mavala one after they had been left to dry for a few minutes. My polish dried quickly and didn't chip at all so I decided to get this can from Boots. It was about £3 and my nails are looking pretty good after a day of being painted.
What nail products do you recommend? I'm relatively new to the world of nail polish and nail art so I would love it if you could share some tips with me.

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  1. Hey Gem
    I thought models own would be batter than that! Ill stick to barry m!
    Revlon do a top coat that drys polish in no time, its like an oil and smells faintly of is with the normal polishes and looks like one too. Also i find revlon nail varnish really good strong colours and they seem to last a long time without chipping on my nails! (on 3for2 in superdrug and boots)
    Im also a giant konad fan i just love nail stamping, Ive bought the official Konad plates and the cheaper monster bundle plates!
    posts on nail art :
    Posts on Konad/fauxnad :


  2. That Model's Own smash stuff does not look worth it, how sad :c

  3. I recently was very excited about my own purchase of a silver crackle nail varnish (wasn't the Models Own one, can't remember what brand it is!) & had exactly the same problem! It just doesn't crack up as much as the Barry M black one does. I was really disappointed. I could envisage me using it loads, but actually I took it straight off because it just looked silly - you couldn't even see the colour underneath so it just looked messy - highly disappointing!

    Love your other purchases though - particularly the 'Blue Lagoon' one - gorgeous :)

  4. im going to boots NOW
    thanks for sharing :) your nails look amazing!

  5. the models own crackle looks dissapointing :( did you try using a very thin layer of it?
    i use a quick dry product from avon. it's a liquid and it leaves my fingers quite greasy - but it works! would love to know if the boots one leaves your fingers greasy too? i also swear by lemony flutter from lush, it's a cuticle butter and keeps your cuticles, nails and around your fingers all nice and smooth xx

  6. I am going to have to invest in that spray, I am the worse for waiting for my nails to dry!

  7. Love that blue lagoon colour. I'm into metallic polished at the moment, don't have enough of them though!

  8. ooh may buy that spray!
    You should definately try my zigzag nails, I used liquid eyeliner:)

  9. I use the Nails Inc topcoat. It dries in 45 seconds (although I wouldn't recommend rushing to immediately open a tin!) and is super-shiny. I've got a few Models Own nailpolishes and am not impressed with them - the polish is awfully thick and clunky.

  10. That spray sounds like it would be useful! I love the formula of models own nail varnish and their nude beige is my perfect neutral! :)

    Maria xxx

  11. I´m using Essence cracking polish Not 100% sure it´s available in the UK but if it is, give it try.
    It cracks much more than the Models Own one and if you apply kinda multiple layer, it gets sort of marble-like. I posted a picture of what my nails looked first time I used it on my blog, in case you´d like to see the effect.
    Loving the blue lagoon polish though!:) x


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