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It's been a very odd week, odd in a good way though. Two blogs that I write for have been nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award. I'm am so excited by this-

The two blogs that are nominated are-

Where Are My Knees is nominated in the Health, Diet and Fitness category.

Judging Covers is nominated in the Lifestyle category.

If you do enjoy reading either of those blogs you could vote for them, maybe? If you have time?
If you did want to vote for either of them click the image below ;) I want to say a big THANK YOU to whoever nominated the blogs.

Sorry for the shameless plug, I've been in such a fab mood all day. It's lovely knowing that someone liked the blogs enough to nominate them.

In other Fat Frocks related news....
A company called FatPhRocks went on to Dragon's Den last night and pitched this-

Uuuuum, what? Anyway my stats have gone crazy because people have been searching for this and I've received loads of emails asking if I sell them. I DO NOT SELL THESE, sorry to disappoint you! All the emails have made me chuckle though.

Did anyone watch This Is Jinsy on Sky Atlantic last night? I'm not sure what I think about it, I love that David Tennant was in it but it was so weird!
I've been busy all week preparing for one of my best friends hen night this weekend and I've been making party packs for everyone, I will show you the packs and my 80s fancy dress later in the week. It's going to be rad, can't wait.

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  1. o dear I must have missed that on Dragons Den, I hope they didn't get any investments!
    Well done on the nominations!
    Hows the hen do planning going? I've just posted what we did for the day and night do's if you need any ideas and if you haven't already, check out the £1 shops for party bag bits and pieces. Hope you all have a fantastic time xxx

  2. Hahahaha! What on earth is the purpose of this FatPhrocks outfit and why on earth would anyone want to buy one?!
    And congrats on the blog nominations :)

  3. Congratulations on the nominations! Haha I didn't see Dragon's Den but what oh earth is it?! Funny that people have been emailing wanting to buy it lol! x

  4. Congrats on nominations!
    I've not watched This Is Jinsy - even though David is in it, because it looked very, very weird! x
    Sirens and Bells

  5. I reviewed one of those arm cover things on my blog a few months back i didnt even realise they were on dragons den until someone tweeted about it! some of them look tacky but the plain black one worked :)

  6. oh dear about the similar named dragon's den co!
    weell done on the nominations, i am off to vote and to check out the book review blog!

  7. If u r fat like me I don't think I would wear it like that lovely lady, but that's not really the point. I think you sould up load the pic of you on dragon's den so people can see how it is surpossed to be worn. I think you ,your husband and the girls looked wonderful on the show, and the dragons are all mad!!!!
    P.S where can I buy them? It will be great to cover my bingo wings. Good luck

  8. LolI did actually see this on Dragons Den and the name reminded me of your blog when I watched it! Congratulations on the nominations :) X x

  9. @Emma Mack- Hi Emma, as I stated in the post I don not sell wingz but you can buy them from this website - :)

    @Funny Little Frog - Just got loads of inspiration from your post and got some nice pink clips from the poundshop!

    This Gragons Den thing is driving me mad!! I've had a few more emails from people today. The owner of the company sent me a very nice email to apologise for the mix up. It's all rather funny!

  10. i saw this on dragons den and thought of you as soon as they said the name! really do find it so funny that people are actually emailing you trying to buy it! i bet it was one of those things where the company tried to buy your URL and were so gutted it was already taken - haha! xx

  11. I saw the dragons den pitch and thought of you. It must be rather annoying to say the least!
    Congrats on your nominations!

  12. I hope that people looking for wings come across your blog and end up liking it anyway even if it's not what they were after!

    I actually had a look at that Dragons Den as it's on the iplayer and I was totally baffled by the weird garment but actually they seem like lovely people and that one is one of the more hideous ones imo. The point is that it goes under clothes! Even so I bet it is annoying getting tons of emails haha! :)

    Well done on the cosmo blog awards, how cool!

  13. jinsy is brilliant!
    weird, but brilliant haha
    Rosie xo

  14. oh and congratulations! i forgot to add that! :)))
    im going to go vote now :)
    Rosie xo

  15. Your hair is always so lovely and shiny - JEALOUS! Voted for both of your blogs hun. :) xoxox

  16. awww it's a super cute happy face! :)
    and mega congratulations!!! :)

  17. Haha! I haven't seen that ep yet but it's on sky+. Maybe you could set up a sideline making replicas of whatever that thing is. Is it a top with the boobs cut out? Who knows? Regardless, it would go down a TREAT in one of those 'prom night in the ghetto' emails...

  18. Please, PLEASE tell me what this is!!? How weird!?!


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